EMPTIES 1: Toners/Mists, Hair Care, and More!

I’ll be honest, I am a serious product hoarder. Whenever I’m inside a Sephora (or any store for that matter), I tend to go bananas with my desire to test out new things. Unfortunately, sometimes those products go past their expiration date untouched or used only halfway… When I use up an entire bottle or tube of something, it means that I really, really liked it.

So I’ve been saving up a box of empties to rave about some of those products.



Well, let’s dive in!

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Beauty: May Favorites – Summer’s Coming!

Hey guys! Before we go too far into June, I wanted to share some of May’s favorite products with you. With the summer weather rolling in, my skin has become a lot more oily, surprisingly more so this year (I’ve always considered my skin on the drier side). Naturally, the products I had been using successfully throughout New York’s long and cold winter were no longer effective; so I had to change up my skin care routine and swap and test out different products to see what made my body the happiest. Well, let’s begin!

Before we get into the face products, I want to talk about this amazing hairspray:

Yarok’s FEED YOUR HOLD Style Sustaining Hairspray

I purchased this hairspray on a whim while shopping at Urban Outfitters when they were having a huge sale on beauty products. I actually think that the bigger UO stores carry a nice selection of beauty & cosmetic products; many of their products are made of all natural ingredients, which are hard to find at regular drugstores.

IMG_5094 copy

At first, I was taken aback by the fact that the spray was not an ordinary aerosol spray but rather a mist; however, the spray works well, and it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or heavy. It might take some time to get used to its earthy, herbal smell, though. I’ve been playing around with my curling wand since I have a little more time on my hands – and this hairspray does a great job of providing just the right amount of tight hold.

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