Seoulful Moments: Winter in Korea

It’s the first day of my last semester as an undergrad today… but I just can’t seem to break out of winter break mode! On that note, I wanted to share the fun times I had in Korea over the winter.

Except for my family’s little hiatus in Busan, I spent most of my break in Seoul. I edited the footage in three parts – and here they are!


Bad Farmers – Healthy Food Bowls

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.14.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.15.03 AM

The list of cool places around Garosugil never ceases to exhaust; a few days ago, I visited a healthy food-themed restaurant called Bad Farmers. A couple of my friends who know about my obsession with healthy food had told me about this place, and I’m excited to say that this place will probably be my go-to spot for a healthy brunch at Garosugil from now on.

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Seoul: Cafe Little Neck


In Itaewon, there is a quiet stretch of little shops and restaurants on a street called 경리단길. It’s not as easy to get to via public transportation, so this area has been one of the more quiet, indie areas; but lately it’s been on the rise as a favorite date spot. My friend and I visited a cute brunch cafe called Little Neck, named after a neighborhood in New York (which we didn’t realize until we actually got to the place, even though we’re both students in New York City!).

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What to Eat in Korea: Winter Snacks on the Streets

To be honest, if I were craving Korean food in New York, I could pretty much get it anytime anywhere. However, if there’s one thing that was difficult to find in New York City, it’s authentic Korean winter snacks. Walking through the cold winter streets with one of these toasting up your hands is truly one of the best feelings in the world. These were seriously on the top of my to-do (aka to-eat) list for my trip to Korea, and today I want to share them with you!

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