Summer Diaries 2: Moving, Long Talks, and Reading for Fun

Screenshot 2017-06-17 13.20.02

We are already halfway through 2017! I have finished the first batch of summer classes, and although final projects and exams were quite overwhelming, I have been trying to remind myself that tests and school are not the only things in life. The weather has been pretty nice these days, but I can’t decide which is better: a super sunny day that makes me sweat like a waterfall or rainy weather that literally feels like a waterfall.

I spent the first several weeks of class living with my younger sister Lisa. Not only was she a tremendous help when I was in the process of moving out of my apartment that I had lived in for over two years, she really supported me emotionally through all the changes and the tough times I was having recently. Being just two years apart, I feel like she has been kind of like my best friend. Yes, we fight nonstop, especially when we are physically together. But we spend way more time laughing at stupid things and having each other’s back. That’s just how siblings work, right?


Lisa and me in our kindergarten years, cheesing with Grandma at a resort back in Korea. I remember those dresses were custom-made to match.


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Grace Street – Dessert in Ktown

Living close to Ktown is a perk most of the time – easy access to all the Korean food I want. But the crowds and the noise can be almost hazardous sometimes, and the added summer heat doesn’t really help. Grace Street is where I find a little peace of mind, and lots of sweets, of course.

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Matcha Cafe Wabi

matcha cafe wabiAs much as I love sipping on coffee, the color and taste of matcha is quite addicting as well. But a spoonful of sugary Starbucks matcha powder dumped into milk won’t suffice; but Matcha Cafe Wabi has beautiful green creations that will please any matcha lover!

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Mokbar – A Korean Gem in Chelsea Market

With enough visits to Chelsea Market, you slowly realize that lobster and crowds of tourists aren’t the only things you can enjoy there. Being both Korean and a lover of noodles, I had been dying to try Mokbar for the longest time; my experience there was on point.

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IMG_5057Summer in New York City is prime time for a variety of food fairs and flea markets – and Smorgasburg has always been on top of the list. The last time I was at Smorgasburg was over a year ago when I was dying to try the famous ramen burger; I revisited today and had an amazing chow.

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Jack’s Wife Freda

jacks wife freda

This Saturday, we had some phenomenal weather here in New York. It was pretty much the first time I’ve worn shorts outside in months! Of course, nice sunshine calls for some great brunch!

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Prodigy Coffee

Spring break is drawing to an end… but I guess I’m not THAT bummed out since my dad will be visiting this coming week! Anyway, I invited two of my good friends to a coffee adventure in the west village. I’m always down for a good few hours of chatting over coffee, and Prodigy Coffee was the perfect spot for it.

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