Goodbye 2016, It’s Been Real.


It’s 2017, and the time has come to reflect on the past year and make new goals for the new year. A lot happened last year. I tried a lot of new things, and I grew a lot over those twelve months. I have to say that my 2016 was a pretty good year, and a really LONG one! Honestly, I was scrolling through old pictures from earlier in 2016 and didn’t even realize that all of those things had happened in the same year.

While reminiscing, I stumbled upon the new year’s resolution post I made back in the beginning of 2016 and decided to see if I lived up to any of those…


Using a busy schedule or homework as an excuse is just a way of pushing my faith out of my priorities, so I’m going to try to read the Bible at least twice a week.

I think I kept the goal of reading the Bible at least twice a week pretty consistently. It was hard at times because schoolwork or other commitments seemed like they should be my priorities, but I made it through by always reminding myself that this was just as important, if not more.

2016 was a time of both growth and challenges for my faith. The small groups at my church were reorganized, so I had to start leading a whole new group of people. But thanks to the grace of God, all of my group members were amazingly willing to listen and share what they felt about the sermon, their faith, and how the words of God apply to their own daily lives. We also had one week where we designated one person to each day of the week, so we could write compliments and praises for that person in our group chat – I was so surprised that every single member remembered to post, and they really put a lot of effort into writing those words of love for each other. I have to say it was quite a heartwarming week. My large group was awesome as well. my aunt has been battling cancer for a while now, and her condition had just been getting worse and worse; she had been transported to a hospital in Seoul for emergency treatment, and I didn’t even hear the new until I had come back from my trip during spring break! It killed me that I was in Europe enjoying a nice break while she was in pain at the hospital. I shared this struggle with my large group, and they always remembered to pray for her and ask me how she was doing every Sunday. At one gathering, they actually wrote a card for my aunt (who doesn’t go to church) along with a book, so that they could send it to my aunt’s address in Korea. I honestly was not expecting anything like that, and I felt so touched and overwhelmed by all of their kind hearts. I could not be more thankful for my church family.

(I soon got a message from my aunt – who is currently at a hospice in Cheonan – that she had received the gifts and will not give up her battle against cancer.)

I am so thankful that I am spiritually growing year after year, and I am so glad to have friends around me that I can share these thoughts with. Truthfully, I had moments where I tried to suppress myself from doing what I wanted or taking on new challenges because I thought my religion would condemn it for some reason. But I realized that maybe I was relying more on what others would think of me that what God would think of me. 2016 was a time of redefining and relearning these values to get a fresh perspective of what God would want me to do with my life. I want to live a colorful life rich with meaningful experiences and goodness, all the while walking with God. Nothing that I have achieved so far could have happened without His help, and I hope to be in constant communication with God in my everyday decisions. Yes, I know I’m going to feel lost sometimes, but if I have my heart and eyes set on God, I know that wherever I go, I will eventually be led back to the right path.


Take those vitamins. Go to the gym at least once a week. I tend to become really lazy with healthy eating during the semester, so eating clean is another one of the to-do list.

I was in a fitness rut after I had finished that 10K in November of 2015 – I admit that I was pretty bad with going to the gym during the school week, but I think I tried to go at least once every week in the spring and summer. In May, my friend told me about a Groupon deal for a month of unlimited hot yoga classes, so I tried hot yoga for the first time! I sweated in places that I didn’t know could sweat, and at time it felt like real torture… but after every class, walking out to the breezy street felt wonderful, and I think those classes really detoxify and renew your body!


During the fall semester, I was really bad with going to the gym (I ended up canceling my membership after a whopping two years of attendance). I was bad. But while I could use my full load of classes and a tutoring job as an excuse, I did successfully make a lifestyle change that helped me a lot: I walked to class. Prior to the fall semester, I had been taking the subway to school. But this time, I decided to save some cash on unlimited subway passes and take a long walk to school. It’s about a 45-minute walk from my apartment to NYU, which was totally doable during the warmer months, but it did become somewhat challenging once the weather started to get colder. However, I managed to survive the whole semester having commuted by subway only two times! I think this really helped me build a healthier lifestyle, and I also lost close to ten pounds, which I credit to this habit (power-walking when you’re late to class is actually a pretty good workout!)


Around mid-November, I also started taking vitamins every morning. In terms of healthy eating, I think I did watch my portions, but I’m still really bad with watching the kinds of foods I eat… I still give in to the occasional guilty dessert or the sweet potato fries. But I think as long as I move around a lot and stay active, a splurge here and there won’t be too bad, will it?


Definitely blog more, photograph more, and channel my creativity into tangible results. Some ideas I’ve been toying around are writing a journal, playing more violin, and getting into crafts/painting. No more scrolling endlessly through Facebook.

In 2016, I played in the community orchestra during the spring semester. Also, I really tried to channel my creativity into photography and blogging. In fact, I opened a YouTube channel where I document my travels, and I realized that creating videos is so much fun! From then on, I try to carry my DSLR around to document and cherish the small things I experience, so we’ll see how 2017 goes with my vlogging.

A lot of the photography I do of my daily life can be accessed on my Instagram, where I love to post photos (all taken and edited by me). This year, I had the pleasure of having my photos and jewelry featured in various Instagram accounts as well as articles online!

I found other ways to be productive as well. After my summer internship, I found a tutoring job for the fall semester, and also got to design logos for the water bottles and T-shirts needed by a school club that I’m involved in. After arriving in Seoul, I picked up some pens and sketchbook, and I’ve already been making some drawings. Things like these – creating and experimenting – are what really relaxes me and makes me happy.


I consider myself an ambivert – I enjoy socializing and meeting new people, but I need my alone time to process everything and recharge. Because of this, I sometimes tend to hide away and shut out everything else. In 2016, I want to be less afraid to feel more. I want to be there for other people. I want to show more kindness.What fun is it to stay in boring perfection when you can experience so much more by stepping outside of your comfort zone?

In 2016, I definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone. Besides opening myself up to make friends with a lot more people, I tried so many new things and was lucky enough to learn from many of those experiences.

These experiences include:

  • Traveling to Europe
  • Starring in a promotional video
  • Getting a full-time job offer
  • Going skiing
  • Celebrate an anniversary
  • Going to a hookah bar in NYC
  • Getting Lasik surgery (contacts and glasses, goodbye forever!!!)
  • Going to model auditions for a fashion show
  • Turning 21
  • Seeing Justin Bieber at a Duane Reade
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving in suburbia
  • Getting self-cut bangs
  • Leading a small group
  • Shooting a handgun

(And oh, there are so many more.)

I cannot believe that I was blessed enough to experience all of these things for the first time in 2016.


I was blessed enough to experience all of these things for the first time in 2016. Of course, not everything was sunshine and rainbows. Mistakes and misfortunes happened, but I think I’ve learned to troubleshoot and deal with problems instead of wallowing in them. I hope 2017 will be another year full of happiness, love, and good news. This year, I don’t want to make grand plans to become a new person. I just want to keep growing, but as me. I want to become someone who gives more love, shows more kindness, possesses more courage and confidence, tries new things without fear, and someone who stays busy striving to make each moment meaningful.

And of course, I’ll share those moments along the way 🙂

Happy 2017!


10 Things that Always Make Me Feel Good

Screenshot 2016-08-22 22.47.22

Internships and hectic travel schedules might take up the majority of our summers, but there’s still time to sit down and reflect on the things that make you happy. Especially because there are some days where the worst possible things that could happen end up happening. (Not gonna lie, I spilled water on my Macbook and got my bathroom lock jammed from the outside today.) Sooo, to make myself feel better, I wanted to share with you a few things that make me happy.

1. Anything GHIBLI. I could watch and rewatch all the films produced by Ghibli studios, with my top favorites being Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Castle in the Sky. The best thing about these beautiful animation films is that they have amazing soundtracks. Music box? jazz? those melodies always get to me.

2. Showering in the middle of the day. To me, morning and night showers always seem very routine and often rushed and sleepy. But when I have the time to relax and take a nice, long mid-day shower, I can blast whatever music I want and enjoy the warm water and the floral scent of soap (fully conscious HAHA), and I love the fact that when i come out of the shower, the sun is still bright and shining outside.

3. Taking a walk through the city with my earphones in. Throwback to those elementary school days when my sister and I sang along to the soundtrack of Barbie as Princess and the Pauper, pretending to me inside a music video. I might not openly admit to still doing this, but I do love feeding my ears music while walking through the streets of Manhattan. Bonus points if the song on shuffle perfectly matches your surroundings/mood.

4. Dessert. For those of you who have a sweet tooth like me, you know how good it feels to have a delicious treat waiting for you to top off a good meal. Especially with the plethora of dessert venues all over NYC, I get so excited thinking about dessert even before I start eating my main course.

5. Shopping. There is nothing a little retail therapy cannot solve. It doesn’t even have to be anything extravagant – it can be a small treat to yourself. For me, it’s a little something at the cosmetics section, or if I’m feeling it, a pair of nice shoes.

6. Taking off my bra. This may be a little TMI, but taking off my bra after a long day is such a liberating sensation. Body, be free!

7. Waiting to tell someone good news. Hearing good news is a fantastic feeling to begin with, and when you can share it with someone the joy is multiplied a thousandfold.

8. Eggs. Are not just for breakfast. They can go with anything and everything and completes any meal with a boost of protein. Aside from the brunch scene (#yolkporn #eggsbenedict), I like to eat my eggs scrambled with lots of cheese, in a framble kind of way. In fact, they are kind of a comfort food for me, competing in the top 5 along with chips and dip, anything deep-fried, and sushi.

9. Good weather. My definition of perfect weather is a nice, breezy weather in the 70’s with some sunlight bright enough to warm my soul but gentle enough not to burn off my skin. Sadly this applies only to about three or four days out of 365 in New York, but when it does I just love to walk outside and bask in that sunshine.

10. Compiling this list. Just sitting down and thinking about all the things that make you happy can make your life so much better. It reminds me that I have so many things to be grateful for, and it gives me an opportunity to perhaps take action and express that gratitude.


2015 in Review – and New Year’s Resolutions!

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After a crazy semester, I have arrived yet again in Seoul. My parents have left Shanghai for good, moved into a new apartment not far from my grandparents’, and now I’m settling in with a cup of hazelnut coffee and my laptop with a fresh coat of nail polish on my fingers. It’s the morning of New Year’s Eve, and before the next few hectic days of Korean families, celebrating, and feasting, I want to take a moment to look back at 2015 and forward to 2016.

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Summer in Korea! – Part 3


After returning to Seoul, I’ve been having a pretty good time – especially because the weather is so hot!!! It’s true, hot weather can be sweaty and nasty and sticky, but there’s nothing like a soft breeze wrapping around you when you’re all dressed in summer clothes ready to have some sun-kissed skin.

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Here We Go Seoul!



Today was the big day! After my first year of college, I’m finally visiting my friends and family here in South Korea. But guess what happened today! I was in the cab on my way to the airport, and the cab driver gave me a lucky two-dollar bill as a gift! What a great day to start off my summer! 🙂

And I also have my DSLR back at last! I left it at home when I went back to Shanghai last winter, but now that I have it again, hopefully I’ll take lots of high quality pictures soon. Until then, these are some snapshots of my final moments in New York City!

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The End of the Beginning


Even with just two final exams left and three gigantic suitcases to pack all of my stuff into, I still can’t believe I’m leaving New York City in less than a week. Throughout my first year of college, I feel like I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this city. But mostly love. Sometimes I would feel a desperate longing for the past, when I was living in a small, Christian town where everything was peaceful and so close to nature; here, I felt like I had to try really hard not to jeopardize my relationship with God. But at the same time, New York City has given me an amazing experience – an ever-stimulating concrete jungle with ridiculously amazing food, theater, and music – and of course, countless people that I feel so blessed to have met.

Spending a year apart from my family has turned me into a more open, independent ,and responsible person, and I feel like I’m one step closer to becoming an adult. But the thing is, I don’t want to become an adult just yet. I wanna enjoy this ride, however stressful I may get, and see things from a broader perspective. In just a few days I’ll be heading back to the motherland… I think it will be a pretty interesting experience, since I’ll be back in the same city, but as a different person. We’ll see.