Banter (Sullivan Street) – Aussie Cafe near NYU


Fancy brunch spots are nice when you get the change, but nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than sipping on some coffee at a cozy, quiet cafe. Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering this new Austrailian cafe super close to school! My friend and I walked in on a Thursday evening, and we were immediately greeted by a coffee counter with a giant espresso machine – and some nice Austrailian baristas/waiters who guided us to a table.

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Namu Tea & Coffee


Back in the Joseon dynasties, Seoul was much smaller than it is now – and Insadong is located in the heart of this old Seoul. With lots of shops selling traditional Korean food, accessories and snacks, Insadong is a top tourist spot. There are lots of traditional teahouses and restaurants in the area, but if you are a coffee addict like me and in the lookout for a nice cafe, I suggest Namu (나무).

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Matcha Cafe Wabi

matcha cafe wabiAs much as I love sipping on coffee, the color and taste of matcha is quite addicting as well. But a spoonful of sugary Starbucks matcha powder dumped into milk won’t suffice; but Matcha Cafe Wabi has beautiful green creations that will please any matcha lover!

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Cornelia Street Cafe

2015-07-24 23.40.12 copy

Roaming the streets of the quaint West Village, I walked by this place numerous times until I finally got to grab some brunch here with my sister! She is visiting New York City for the first time in almost five years and both of us agree that this was a great dining experience.

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City of Saints Coffee Roasters

city of saints

When I have time between classes, I like to grab coffee with friends and have girly conversations with them. It’s just what we do. Last week, I was introduced to a small cafe in the East Village by my good friend Lily – and I loved it!

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Prodigy Coffee

Spring break is drawing to an end… but I guess I’m not THAT bummed out since my dad will be visiting this coming week! Anyway, I invited two of my good friends to a coffee adventure in the west village. I’m always down for a good few hours of chatting over coffee, and Prodigy Coffee was the perfect spot for it.

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Matcha fun at CHALAIT!

This cafe is probably one of the most Instagrammed spots in downtown NYC. I’ve seen pictures of their delicious toasts and beverages all over my feed, and today was the day I finally got to visit!

What was really cool is that I actually met up with fellow foodie and Instagrammer Minnie for the first time to grab coffee. The fact that we, complete strangers except for our interaction through social media, were able to bond so quickly! I guess a shared hobby really helps you become friends. She was wonderful, and we spent so much time talking and chatting over all kinds of things.

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