Gangnam: Espresso ★ Public

I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with an old high school friend a few days ago, and she introduced me to a really nice cafe in Gangnam! I think it has already become one of my favorite cafes – we sat here and literally talked for HOURS.

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La Crêperie Shanghai

la creperie shanghai

The fall weather here in Shanghai has been phenomenal for the past few days, and good weather calls for a foodventure.

Ever since I visited this Brittany restaurant in the heart of Shanghai with my friend Karen, La Crêperie has been one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. Their unique and tasty crêpes will make your day so much better.

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Strictly Cookies: Best Cookies in Shanghai!

Best Cookies in Shanghai.

If you’re looking for some seriously good cookies in Shanghai, or you’re just a dessert person like me, this is the stuff.

A sudden cookie craving?

A surprise cookie gift specially delivered to a friend?

Too lazy to make your own amazing ice cream sandwich?

Wanna celebrate your birthday with a giant cookie?

Strictly Cookies has it all.

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Cakeful Weekend with Secret Recipe!


This past Sunday was my little sister’s birthday! So my mom and I spent a great deal of time and money (you’re welcome) to pick out some awesome cakes from a Secret Recipe store. Whenever I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai, the Secret Recipe chocolate cakes were a must. This year, I decided to get creative and get a variety of pieces from their awesome selection of cakes! It was just such an sweet experience (both emotionally and gastronomically) that I wanted to share it with you!

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Rejuvenate with Yin Yang Water!

sound_hand_holding_teacup copy

Yin and Yang water sounds very zen and magical, but the master who told me this idea was actually my mom. Called 음양탕 (Eum-yang-tang) in Korean, Yin Yang water is made with one simple ingredient: water itself. It’s rather quite well-known in oriental medicine; by combining the natures of the positive and the negative, this water perks up your system and stimulates circulation. Drinking lots of water is good for you, right? So I figured, might as well boost its function by turning it into Yin Yang water!

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