August Beauty Favorites – Lush, Lancôme, Hair Products and More!

Although the summer months are officially over, it seems like the hot and humid summer weather hit us a little late this year, so summer is going to spill over a little after Labor Day. August was exceptionally ridden with sweat, oily skin, and hair that is somehow flat and frizzy at the same time. Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the products that I really enjoyed using this month. August was all about those time-saving products for those lazy summer days, and of course, lots of glitter and color.


LOC One & Done Shadow Stick – Day Trip

I received this stick shadow in the shade Day Trip in one of my Birchboxes a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to using it until now. I find that anything shimmery or glittery is just so much more fun to show off during the summer months. This eyeshadow is in a pencil form, so it’s super convenient to use. I just swipe it across my eyelids after applying eyelid primer, and add a little but of contour by using a slightly darker color on the outer edges of my lids. Then, after a quick blend with a blending brush and eyeliner, my eyes are done!

E.l.f Bronzer

I’ve always been a fan of using bronzer, but the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer that I had been using since the beginning of this year was getting a little to hard to use on my tanner skin. I purchased this E.l.f bronzer palette at Target and it has a variety of colors that are nicely pigmented so that I can easily contour my face with just a few strokes. I use the white shade to highlight the area right above my cheekbones to make the bronze more striking. I love E.l.f cosmetics because they offer high quality products at a fraction of the price of anything at Sephora, or even drugstores.

Innisfree Mineral Highlighter – 2 Shiny Sugar Candy

Speaking of tanner skin, nothing complements golden summer skin better than a nice highlight. When paired with the bronzer, this highlighter from Innisfree has been my go-to for giving my face a glow. I purchased this item during my last trip to Korea (haul post here), and I’ve really been loving it for the last few weeks.

MAC Lipstick – Call the Hairdresser

Last summer I was super into bright pink shades and shocking corals, but this summer I feel like I leaned towards a more natural, glowy look overall. That’s why I really enjoyed using this MAC lipstick in the shade “Call the Hairdresser”. It has a lustre finish, so the formula is pretty lightweight with a sheer to medium buildable coverage. When I put on lipstick, I usually go for the matte ones, but for a more natural summer look, I feel like this lipstick had been perfect for giving my lips a noticeable tint without being too heavy. It doesn’t amplify any creases on my lips and glides on smoothly with a creamy (but not too shiny) finish. I like the rosy mauve that really gives my entire face a bright and natural color.


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Jenn Im X COLOURPOP: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Review


Jenn Im from Clothesencounters is one of my favorite Youtubers, and she recently did a collaboration with ColourPop and launched her JENN NE SAIS QUOI collection. I love how it really reflects her personality and her style, and what’s better is that I can play around with these rather new colors and manage to pull them off!

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Korea Haul 2016: Tony Moly, Etude House, Missha, Innisfree, Skin Food, The Face Shop, and More!


Took a single suitcase. Came back with two. Exploring the road shops in Seoul for some unique cosmetic products is such an enjoyable experience for me. Without further ado, here are all the gadgets and gizmos I picked up during my shopping sprees in Korea this winter break!

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What to Eat in Korea: Winter Snacks on the Streets

To be honest, if I were craving Korean food in New York, I could pretty much get it anytime anywhere. However, if there’s one thing that was difficult to find in New York City, it’s authentic Korean winter snacks. Walking through the cold winter streets with one of these toasting up your hands is truly one of the best feelings in the world. These were seriously on the top of my to-do (aka to-eat) list for my trip to Korea, and today I want to share them with you!

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Beauty: May Favorites – Summer’s Coming!

Hey guys! Before we go too far into June, I wanted to share some of May’s favorite products with you. With the summer weather rolling in, my skin has become a lot more oily, surprisingly more so this year (I’ve always considered my skin on the drier side). Naturally, the products I had been using successfully throughout New York’s long and cold winter were no longer effective; so I had to change up my skin care routine and swap and test out different products to see what made my body the happiest. Well, let’s begin!

Before we get into the face products, I want to talk about this amazing hairspray:

Yarok’s FEED YOUR HOLD Style Sustaining Hairspray

I purchased this hairspray on a whim while shopping at Urban Outfitters when they were having a huge sale on beauty products. I actually think that the bigger UO stores carry a nice selection of beauty & cosmetic products; many of their products are made of all natural ingredients, which are hard to find at regular drugstores.

IMG_5094 copy

At first, I was taken aback by the fact that the spray was not an ordinary aerosol spray but rather a mist; however, the spray works well, and it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or heavy. It might take some time to get used to its earthy, herbal smell, though. I’ve been playing around with my curling wand since I have a little more time on my hands – and this hairspray does a great job of providing just the right amount of tight hold.

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5 Daily Boosts for Better Health


This past winter, I went to an oriental medicine clinic when I was in Korea. Quite a lot of people go for a bunch of reasons – mine was my horrible, horrible, chronic allergies. Plus, I had suffered from an awful cold during my stay.

After an examination, the doctor told me that I had too much ‘yin’ in my body: in other words, my body was constantly colder than it was supposed to be. And I couldn’t have agreed more…my hands and feet are always cold, and turns out this is because blood circulation and energy flow around my limbs and face wasn’t as good. But no worries! The good thing about oriental medicine is that you’re not taking prescription drugs for an immediate cure, but rather pursuing a lifestyle change for a healthier body. So if you’re like me and your hands are always freezing, or just looking for some ways to boost your metabolism and immune system, here are five little things I do to spice up my day…And I’ve been feeling pretty energetic lately!

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Favorites: MAC Cremeblend Blush

I love shopping for new cosmetics, and that means I’m switching from product to product all the time. Nevertheless, there are some that I just love so much that I keep coming back for more. The MAC blush is one of them.

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