Crystal Jade Xintiandi

Crystal Jade

Happy birthday to me? Hahaha, I finally turned nineteen! Since my dad won’t be in town today because of a business trip, my family and I stopped by Crystal Jade last night for some of my favorite Chinese comfort food.

Cake + presents + this dinner + an hour of pampering at the nail salon = my day was made 🙂

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王宝和 Shanghai Crabs at Wang Bao He Restaurant

wang bao he shanghai

I apologize for the late post, but I could not bear to not write about one of the essential fall experiences in Shanghai: the Shanghai crab! Since my family will most likely be moving to Seoul next year, I wanted to cherish this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Treat yoself.

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La Crêperie Shanghai

la creperie shanghai

The fall weather here in Shanghai has been phenomenal for the past few days, and good weather calls for a foodventure.

Ever since I visited this Brittany restaurant in the heart of Shanghai with my friend Karen, La Crêperie has been one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. Their unique and tasty crêpes will make your day so much better.

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Strictly Cookies: Best Cookies in Shanghai!

Best Cookies in Shanghai.

If you’re looking for some seriously good cookies in Shanghai, or you’re just a dessert person like me, this is the stuff.

A sudden cookie craving?

A surprise cookie gift specially delivered to a friend?

Too lazy to make your own amazing ice cream sandwich?

Wanna celebrate your birthday with a giant cookie?

Strictly Cookies has it all.

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Seafood Till You Drop!


sushi9 sushi6eel

Fall break might be coming to an end, but my feasting will never end. Today, my family went to a Japanese buffet in Pudong. I wish I had known this place sooner…I had so much yummy seafood until my stomach was about to explode! This UNLIMITED Japanese buffet was more than enough to fulfill my unending craving for sushi and sashimi.

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Cakeful Weekend with Secret Recipe!


This past Sunday was my little sister’s birthday! So my mom and I spent a great deal of time and money (you’re welcome) to pick out some awesome cakes from a Secret Recipe store. Whenever I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai, the Secret Recipe chocolate cakes were a must. This year, I decided to get creative and get a variety of pieces from their awesome selection of cakes! It was just such an sweet experience (both emotionally and gastronomically) that I wanted to share it with you!

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Haiku by Hatsune (IFC Mall)


I’ve always enjoyed good sushi and a warm bowl of udon at a nice Japanese restaurant. (Or just good sushi. Or just sushi.)

Two of my good friends and I went on a spontaneous lunch trip to Shanghai’s IFC Mall, where we found Haiku, a popular Japanese restaurant in Shanghai with quality Japanese-Californian fusion food. I’ve been to their Jinqiao location several times (and loved it), but I had never been to the IFC location before. I was surprised to see such an amazing interior design – it looked like a combination of origami and fish inspired designs. Besides the hip tables and the comfortable booths, they also have private tatami tables. Their modern yet cozy atmosphere made our delicious sushi treat even more amazing.

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