Banter (Sullivan Street) – Aussie Cafe near NYU


Fancy brunch spots are nice when you get the change, but nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than sipping on some coffee at a cozy, quiet cafe. Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering this new Austrailian cafe super close to school! My friend and I walked in on a Thursday evening, and we were immediately greeted by a coffee counter with a giant espresso machine – and some nice Austrailian baristas/waiters who guided us to a table.

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Jenn Im X COLOURPOP: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Review


Jenn Im from Clothesencounters is one of my favorite Youtubers, and she recently did a collaboration with ColourPop and launched her JENN NE SAIS QUOI collection. I love how it really reflects her personality and her style, and what’s better is that I can play around with these rather new colors and manage to pull them off!

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Brunch Party at Jane!

If you’re looking for a nice spot for weekend brunch, you can’t go wrong with Jane restaurant. Ever since visiting this place with my friend Jordan, I have always welcomed the opportunity to revisit whenever I can. Take a look at my Saturday brunch experience with my honor society’s mentoring family (we’re super cool.), where we basically ordered almost everything off their brunch menu of the day.

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Matcha Cafe Wabi

matcha cafe wabiAs much as I love sipping on coffee, the color and taste of matcha is quite addicting as well. But a spoonful of sugary Starbucks matcha powder dumped into milk won’t suffice; but Matcha Cafe Wabi has beautiful green creations that will please any matcha lover!

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Mokbar – A Korean Gem in Chelsea Market

With enough visits to Chelsea Market, you slowly realize that lobster and crowds of tourists aren’t the only things you can enjoy there. Being both Korean and a lover of noodles, I had been dying to try Mokbar for the longest time; my experience there was on point.

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My Summer Scoop: Ice Cream in NYC

As much as I would like to have a perfect beach body for the summer, I cannot possibly resist the temptation of all the different ice cream shops throughout New York City. The summer is verrrry slowly drawing to a close, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ice cream spots with you!

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Cornelia Street Cafe

2015-07-24 23.40.12 copy

Roaming the streets of the quaint West Village, I walked by this place numerous times until I finally got to grab some brunch here with my sister! She is visiting New York City for the first time in almost five years and both of us agree that this was a great dining experience.

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