5 Daily Boosts for Better Health


This past winter, I went to an oriental medicine clinic when I was in Korea. Quite a lot of people go for a bunch of reasons – mine was my horrible, horrible, chronic allergies. Plus, I had suffered from an awful cold during my stay.

After an examination, the doctor told me that I had too much ‘yin’ in my body: in other words, my body was constantly colder than it was supposed to be. And I couldn’t have agreed more…my hands and feet are always cold, and turns out this is because blood circulation and energy flow around my limbs and face wasn’t as good. But no worries! The good thing about oriental medicine is that you’re not taking prescription drugs for an immediate cure, but rather pursuing a lifestyle change for a healthier body. So if you’re like me and your hands are always freezing, or just looking for some ways to boost your metabolism and immune system, here are five little things I do to spice up my day…And I’ve been feeling pretty energetic lately!

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Rejuvenate with Yin Yang Water!

sound_hand_holding_teacup copy

Yin and Yang water sounds very zen and magical, but the master who told me this idea was actually my mom. Called 음양탕 (Eum-yang-tang) in Korean, Yin Yang water is made with one simple ingredient: water itself. It’s rather quite well-known in oriental medicine; by combining the natures of the positive and the negative, this water perks up your system and stimulates circulation. Drinking lots of water is good for you, right? So I figured, might as well boost its function by turning it into Yin Yang water!

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Micro-baking: Flourless Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread

Today’s recipe is something that I tried for the first time last winter: flour-less bread using sweet potatoes. It’s perfect for a quick snack, and it can also be paired with many other foods because it has a very light and subtle flavor. This recipe calls for just two ingredients, sweet potato and eggs. And guess what? It’s finished in the mighty microwave (aka college student’s lifesaver) in a jiffy!

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