Banter (Sullivan Street) – Aussie Cafe near NYU


Fancy brunch spots are nice when you get the change, but nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than sipping on some coffee at a cozy, quiet cafe. Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering this new Austrailian cafe super close to school! My friend and I walked in on a Thursday evening, and we were immediately greeted by a coffee counter with a giant espresso machine – and some nice Austrailian baristas/waiters who guided us to a table.

The interior was quite nicely decorated with a subtle forest theme going on. The tables and the walls all had wooden patterns, and there were lots of greens inside as well.


The menu was actually pretty extensive.


On an ordinary day, my go-to would be the avocado toast, but since I gave up bread for Lent, I decided to go with ‘something sweet’. I ordered the Chia Fruit Bowl, and my friend ordered the Bacon and Egg Roll along with a hot chocolate.


The bowl was very filling and flavorful. In fact, I think this may have sparked the love for chia seeds that I’ve developed recently!


Address: 169 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012


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