Grace Street – Dessert in Ktown

Living close to Ktown is a perk most of the time – easy access to all the Korean food I want. But the crowds and the noise can be almost hazardous sometimes, and the added summer heat doesn’t really help. Grace Street is where I find a little peace of mind, and lots of sweets, of course.

My go-to dessert at Grace Street is the hodduk. I’ve mentioned this Korean dessert in previous posts, but the hodduk here is much classier than the ones you buy on the streets. The yeasty dough has a flavor that’s both sweet and salty, and the sugar syrup inside with the added ice cream on top is good enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. For the price of the menu,  I wish the portions were a little larger, but that’s probably being greedy, since I usually share a single plate with a friend and still end up full.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.41.36 PM

I love the variety of drinks and the seasonal drinks at Grace Street. I liked the jasmine matcha latte, but just because I personally like unsweetened drinks better, I end up with a cappuccino or a cafe latte instead. They also have bubble tea, smoothies and chai.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.41.21 PM

Their waffles are also delicious and super filling…

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.41.03 PM

Another one of their specialties is the “shaved snow“. It’s basically shaved ice but with a very soft, delicate, and milky texture, kind of like how they serve it at Snowdays. I’ve tried their mango and green tea shaved snows, and recently I also got the black sesame one, which didn’t disappoint. The texture of mochi is just perfect with the smooth ice cream and the fruit.


This place, like any other venue in Ktown, can get a little crowded, but there is plenty of space to seat a group of 2-3 friends. The only downside is that there’s no wifi, but I guess that keeps the tables free and the traffic flowing (no bloggers hogging the tables, right?). Also, Grace Street has table service after 6pm, so there is a minimum order per person and tip as well. I think this actually keeps the cafe less hectic in the evening because there are no people walking around trying to order at the counter while struggling to get their own water and utensils.

If you’re ever in Ktown, be sure to check out Grace Street!

17 WEST 32ND STREET (34th street Herald Sq. Station)
NEW YORK, NY 10001


THUR: 1130PM


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