Jenn Im X COLOURPOP: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Review


Jenn Im from Clothesencounters is one of my favorite Youtubers, and she recently did a collaboration with ColourPop and launched her JENN NE SAIS QUOI collection. I love how it really reflects her personality and her style, and what’s better is that I can play around with these rather new colors and manage to pull them off!


Here is the entire collection.


jenn ne sais quoi

I want to talk about the lip products first; I ordered the entire collection in a frenzy (I was probably crazy fangirling and clicked “buy” without even realizing it)… but when I saw the color I was a bit surprised at first. I’ve gotta say that I don’t wear coral lips that often – I just go for a nude lipstick or more of a taupe pink (or just clear chapstick/gloss). Naturally, I was a bit hesitant to try it out at first. Although I’ve seen Jenn pull it off in so many of her looks, I wasn’t sure if it would look good on me.

jenn im lips

But to my surprise, the colors turned out to be beautiful! Jenneration X is a Lippie Stix, formulated with vitamin E, mango, avocado, and shea butter for comfortable wear. The “Dohee” Lippie Pencil acts as a barrier for any lipstick and is super long-lasting – this pencil is supposed to go with the “Dohee” Ultra Satin Lip, which dries into a nice, matte texture. I just use all three of them at the same time: I’ve learned to use a little bit of the Dohee lipstick and spread it onto my lips (a little bit goes a long way, I promise!), line with the pencil, and take the lippie stix to accentuate the inner lips for a nice, ombre look. For daily wear, I’m probably using just the Dohee satin lipstick, which has the softest color.

Onto the JENN NE SAIS QUAD, which is made up of four (duh) Super Shock Shadows, one of the products that Colourpop is known for. I love, love, love the texture of these shadows; the creamy powder has an elastic consistency that doesn’t budge once you apply it onto your lids. It’s a perfect mix between powder and creme shadows, and it feels awesome just using my fingers to blend it in.

UN is a nice champagne metallic color, and can also be used as a highlighter. I also use it on the inner half of my lids for extra definition.

DEUX is probably my favorite color out of the quad; it’s a warm satin brown, and I use this as the base after applying eyeshadow primer.

TROIS is also a satin brown, but a really reddish brick brown. I realize that I have to use this one carefully or else my eyes look a little puffy and swollen because of the red hue…but when used in appropriate amounts, I think it warms up my eyes very nicely.

QUATRE is a dark brown matte shadow. I use an eyeliner brush to create a cateye line, smudging it a little for a softer look.

eyeshadow jenn im


I have a feeling that I’m gonna be wearing these all summer long! While trying out this collection, I also fell in love with just the sheer quality of ColourPop’s products… I can’t wait to try out more colors!


2 thoughts on “Jenn Im X COLOURPOP: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Review

  1. I like that they are “formulated with vitamin E, mango, avocado, and shea butter”. Pretty colors. I’m all about matte too. So this sounds great that it dries to a nice matte finish. 🙂 Lovely review!!!! Thank you. Koko

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