Bad Farmers – Healthy Food Bowls

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The list of cool places around Garosugil never ceases to exhaust; a few days ago, I visited a healthy food-themed restaurant called Bad Farmers. A couple of my friends who know about my obsession with healthy food had told me about this place, and I’m excited to say that this place will probably be my go-to spot for a healthy brunch at Garosugil from now on.

My sister and I met up with a church friend to visit this place together. Although it took us a while to find (you have to go off the main Garosugil street to get to the restaurant), once we arrived at the place, I fell in love with the colorful, rustic vibe of the building. The place was teeming with people when we got there at 1:30, so we had to wait for about 15 minutes or so for a table. But once we sat down, it didn’t take us long until we got our food. (You have to order at the front and pay first – everything from getting utensils and water is self-served, but the waitresses bring you the food)


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(Loved the witty signs on the wall – ‘fast detox’, ‘double-chin warning’, ‘no late-night snacking’)

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I spotted something on the menu that I knew I was going to end up ordering: The AvoCobb Bowl! It’s basically a salad bowl with literally all of my favorite food items. Atop a bed of greens sit salmon, avocado, chicken, olives, sweet corn, and tomato. The bowl comes with a fresh mustard dressing on the side, as well as a small portion of the soup of the day. My friend ordered one of the open sandwiches that they also have available – and the classic avocado toast never disappoints!

Bad Farmers maintains a strict philosophy of putting only healthy foods in your system. Over the years, people have grown so accustomed to eating junk food in our generation, and now these ‘bad farmers’ are gonna make eating salads are cool thing in Korea.

Besides their restaurant, Bad Farmers also sells cold-pressed  juice cleanse packages and a variety of healthy food and weight loss items such as superfood grains, lentil beans, and burdock root tea (one of my favorite teas!). You can check out their website here.

I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised by how generous the portions were and how delicious everything was! On my next visit I definitely want to try of their sandwiches (or I might just give in to my love for salmon and order this amazing salad bowl again).

Bad Farmers


523-21 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Line 3 Sinsa Station, exit 8

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