Spring Break in Lisbon: Pt.2


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Part two of my journey consists of my second and third day in Portugal. On the second day, our class had something called “local market immersion”, where we got to visit several different markets and shops across the city and observe how business is conducted. It was quite a rainy morning, so I couldn’t take that many pictures, but luckily it cleared up later in the day! After a long second day, we spent our third day on a tour to Obidos, which is probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.

After our visit to a canned fish store, a Portuguese pharmacy, and a local market, we grabbed lunch at the food court next to the market. After my first day filled with salty cod and leathery steak (sorry welcome dinner…), it was nice to have a refreshing Mediterranean salad and some green bean fries, which were surprisingly good dipped in some tartar sauce. And of course, I got a nice sangria to top off the meal!



Back at the hotel, my roommate and I stopped by our good old coffee shop to enjoy a lazy late afternoon.
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.10.17 PM

After this short break, we went to a mall called El Cortes Ingléis, where we grabbed some Starbucks and wandered around shopping, eventually ending up at Zara where I scored a leather jacket! Little did we know that we would be going on a major trek across the city to find a place to eat dinner – first, we wanted some Japanese food, but the place we wanted to go to only took reservations (they literally kept the door locked while people were dining inside), so we asked around, trying to find another Asian restaurant…but to no avail. After hours of walking around, we finally walked into a Thai restaurant, where we were welcomed with huge portions of fried rice, spring rolls, and pad thai.

We got a few bottles of wine on our way back, ordered some cheese plates, and spent the rest of the day having late night conversations. I liked that I got to make some friends that I didn’t have the chance to get to know before.


Third day! My classmates and I traveled to the outskirts of the city to tour the company we were reporting on – the warehouse was absolutely freezing!! But the employees were very nice and treated us with snacks and gifts as well.


My favorite part of the day was the tour to Obidos, a small town outside of Lisbon. The whole town, as small and adorable as it was, was full of beautiful sidewalks and picturesque buildings – it prompted all of the students to throw spontaneous photoshoots.

 Here are some of the photos I took at the site!

2016-03-17 01.01.07

2016-03-17 01.08.26

2016-03-17 01.10.15

2016-03-17 01.15.28

2016-03-17 01.16.18

2016-03-17 01.44.58

2016-03-17 01.43.52

2016-03-17 01.36.53

2016-03-17 01.33.11

2016-03-17 01.29.14

2016-03-17 01.23.11

2016-03-17 02.02.29

2016-03-17 01.47.11

The little town is also known for its Ginja, a traditional Portuguese liquor made with ginja berries (similar to cherries, I believe?). The beverage is poured into little chocolate cups, so you can take the shot and enjoy some sweetness afterwards. The drink was surprisingly strong for its sweet taste.

2016-03-17 02.01.34

2016-03-17 02.00.38

The streets were full of souvenir shops…

2016-03-17 01.58.18 2016-03-17 02.13.20

But the highlight of the tour was the view.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.10.02 PM

The view was truly exhilarating – you don’t get a mountaintop view like this very often. I just had one of those healing moments where I stood still, looking down at all the green fields far away, just taking in the silence and the peace.

TBC…in part 3!


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