Common Ground: Seoul’s Container Shopping Mall

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.08.16 PM

The air felt more than freezing cold today when I met up with my friend to visit Seoul’s pop-up container mall called Common Ground. I was surprised by the interesting stack of containers (yes, like the ones on freight trains) that somehow comprised a building, but was soon satisfied by the experiences of both eating and shopping in the warm, bright blue boxes with plenty to enjoy.


The mall boasts a shocking visual in both shape and color. The subtle windows on the edges on the containers have beautiful displays, and inside we found a nice array of shops and restaurants to choose from.

Since I tend to plan my trips around food (pretty much always), my friend and I headed to our first destination – 소녀방앗간, a modern Korean restaurant that uses local, organic ingredients.


The restaurant was located on the top floor of the mall, so we did have to step outside for a few seconds to get inside. However, I think the beautiful sunlight streaming in from outside more than made up for the cold. The restaurant had a very quiet and peaceful vibe, with soft (somehow jazzy) traditional Korean music playing in the background!


Here’s the menu – I chose the first item, a set lunch with pork, herb rice, side dishes and a small soup. My friend chose the third one, which was basically the same thing with fish instead of pork.


Not only did the meal look beautiful, but it also felt super healthy!


For dessert, we headed to Doré Doré Cafe. The cake display was quite nice! Their rainbow cake seems to be the most popular, but we chose to go with the one that looked the most bizarre – the Matcha Mountain cake!


(Necessary coffee on the side)


Look at this creation! The frosting erupts out of a vanilla cake coated with green tea whipped cream – and a bite of this cake and a sip of coffee were a perfect match.

Then we did some shopping; I got two items, which I’ll probably include in a giant Korea haul. We also got our nails done!


It was my first time trying out gel nails, and got a nice, deep burgundy color paired with gold. I’m pretty satisfied with the result, and I’m excited to see how long it lasts!

Overall a very cold but warm day at Common Ground – a container mall with uncontainable fun 🙂

You can get to Common Ground via either line 7 or line 2 at Konkuk University Station, exit 6.


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