Seoul: Cafe Little Neck


In Itaewon, there is a quiet stretch of little shops and restaurants on a street called 경리단길. It’s not as easy to get to via public transportation, so this area has been one of the more quiet, indie areas; but lately it’s been on the rise as a favorite date spot. My friend and I visited a cute brunch cafe called Little Neck, named after a neighborhood in New York (which we didn’t realize until we actually got to the place, even though we’re both students in New York City!).


A lovely little sign introducing us to a “Little New York” right here in Seoul.


I absolutely loved the interior. I loved the minimalist/watercolor theme.



For our food, we ordered two of their sandwiches – the Beet Cream Cheese and the Avocado toast (classic.) We each paid around ten dollars.


I think we made a great choice of both savory and sweet. I loved the pink color from the beet in the cream cheese! I feel like the avocado could have been loaded with a little less onion, but it was still delicious.

I fell in love with the aesthetics and the delicious food at Cafe Little Neck, and if you are looking for a quiet spot for a nice lunch with a friend, I recommend this place.

Cafe Little Neck (리틀넥)


Closed every Monday

Noksapyeong Station (Line 6), Exit 2

Check out their FB page for more information!




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