Dessert in Itaewon: Milk Gongbang


The second part of my day out in Itaewon was a wonderful ice cream shop called 밀크工房.


Front entrance of the store

They had still displays of milk being spilled everywhere – I think they add a soft and cute touch to the overall interior of the store!

Each cup or cone costs 4,000 won (around 3-4 USD), which surprised me at first, but it looked so good that I was eager to try it  – hopefully it tasted much better than the dollar soft serves at McDonalds!

We ordered a cup of milk soft serve, and a cup of soy milk soft serve as well. Two cups were immediately squeezed out of the machines that had been quietly churning inside the kitchen. (P.S. You can add espresso if you pay extra and eat it as an affogato)


Look at these perfect swirly shapes!

add to milk factory

I was really pleased to find that this ice cream LITERALLY tastes like milk itself (same goes for the soy milk). It was like I was licking a nice cup of fresh, whole milk.

 밀크공방 (Milk Gongbang)


Address: 서울시 용산구 녹사평대로 46길 16

Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) Exit 2


3 thoughts on “Dessert in Itaewon: Milk Gongbang

      • Yes, it was cute. There’s something about the way asians and oriental people do things…always so pretty. The presentation is spot on even though it will be consumed in mere minutes! I always joke with the family how long it takes to prepare a meal. I’m on my feet cooking, cutting pretty flowers out of a vegetables only to have it inhaled! Hahahaha! 🙂

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