Namu Tea & Coffee


Back in the Joseon dynasties, Seoul was much smaller than it is now – and Insadong is located in the heart of this old Seoul. With lots of shops selling traditional Korean food, accessories and snacks, Insadong is a top tourist spot. There are lots of traditional teahouses and restaurants in the area, but if you are a coffee addict like me and in the lookout for a nice cafe, I suggest Namu (나무).

I remember visiting this area with my family this time around last year. Back then we stumbled into one of the many teahouses and had a nice time (also paid for some overpriced tea and rice cake, from what I remember). This time was a lot more spontaneous, and my mom, sister, and I met up with my dad near his office for lunch. After a big traditional Korean meal, I was seriously craving some sweets.

Namu means tree in Korean. The interior of the cafe had a quiet and peaceful vibe like its name, with sensible tree displays and holiday carols still playing in the background.

I had an early lunch that day, so my family and I walked in around lunchtime. They had a discount for the set menu of a chocolate waffle and an americano, so we got the set, and ordered a tiramisu and an extra cup of americano as well.



The waffle was so beautiful that I almost felt bad for digging in! The waffle itself has a nutty chocolate taste, and it went perfectly with the vanilla and chocolate ice cream on top. The fresh fruit was also very nice.

Having lived in several different big cities, I’m always thankful for quiet, relaxing sanctuaries like this with all of my favorite snacks and drinks.


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