Mokbar – A Korean Gem in Chelsea Market

With enough visits to Chelsea Market, you slowly realize that lobster and crowds of tourists aren’t the only things you can enjoy there. Being both Korean and a lover of noodles, I had been dying to try Mokbar for the longest time; my experience there was on point.

I walked over to the group of shops midway through Chelsea Market – and despite the bustling tables and the rather small entrance area, they seated the four of us (my dad, mom, sister, and me) in a quiet, back corner with a long bar table. There was lots of light coming in through the windows, and although sitting in a row made it kind of hard to converse at first, I thought it was a pretty good seating situation for such a crowded area.

We ordered Fried Chicken and some Korean style dumplings to share. These are some of the smaller dishes – or what Koreans would call anju (snacks to eat with an alcoholic beverage).

The chicken – a little spicy but so addicting!

Japchae Dumplings – with glass noodle, tofu, garlic, chive

And here are the main dishes that we ordered:

This was the Beef Kimchi ‘Naengmyeon‘, which literally means cold noodles in Korea. This is only available in the summer, which is usually the case in Korea. The cool broth is always so refreshing – perfect for scorching hot summer days!

Kimchi Jigae – in a kimchi bacon broth with braised pork and lots of kimchi. I liked that this dish provided all the satisfaction of slurping ramen noodles, yet had such a familiar, homey flavor!

Bibimbap – with lots of veggies and an option to put in chicken. The chicken had a very interesting texture.

I ordered for myself the ‘Yachae‘ Cold Noodles – I completely fell in love with this dish! It has all the good parts of a good old bibimbap plus the soft and bouncy noodles drizzled in gochujang sauce! And the egg yolk is always appreciated.

Mokbar offered so much more than what the word ramen usually brings up in my mind. I loved how classic, delicious Korean dishes were presented so beautifully and colorfully. If I were to introduce a friend to Korean food, this would be one of my go-to spots!



75 9th Ave.

New York, NY 10011

b/t Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave
Meatpacking District, Chelsea

(646) 964-5963


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