My Summer Scoop: Ice Cream in NYC

As much as I would like to have a perfect beach body for the summer, I cannot possibly resist the temptation of all the different ice cream shops throughout New York City. The summer is verrrry slowly drawing to a close, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ice cream spots with you!

  1. 1. Momofuku Milk Bar


Probably one of the most famous shops in New York City, the cereal milk soft serve is worth the hype. Almost all of my friends who visit me in NYC mention this place at least once – and we end up going to experience that slightly sweet aftertaste of the cereal milk. Although it’s on the pricy side, I always remember to add the corn flakes for the extra crunch.

2. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Their exotic flavors are the highlight of the ice cream experience at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. The Sesame flavor is one of my favorites – shown in the picture are Taro and Lychee flavored ice cream! The portions sizes are very generous, and it was truly a refreshing treat on a hot summer day in downtown New York City.

3. GROM Gelato

I’ve been wanting to try Grom for the longest time – and when I was taking my sister around West Village, I finally got to try some. They are known to use fresh and organic ingredients; the texture of the ice cream is so rich and dense that a little spoonful lingers in your mouth for a good while. Shown in the picture are tiramisu and pistachio (my favorite flavors!).

4. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

This wonderful ice cream business started out as an ice cream truck – they use the freshest ingredients to create an ever-so-decadent, naturally rich ice cream. They also offer a variety of vegan flavors as well. Shown in the picture are espresso and pistachio!

5. Il Laboratorio del Gelato

A friend from church told me about this place at the beginning of this year – and I had been dying to try this place until I finally got to taste their famous ice cream this summer. With almost 200 flavors, this place not only supplies walk-in customers with delicious ice cream at their retail location, but also has a bunch of wholesale clients. I actually really liked the vibe of the ice cream shop – it literally has the look of a laboratory. Although it was pretty tough to choose the flavors, I ended up tasting coconut, Turkish Coffee, Earl Grey, and Sweet Potato!

6. Big Gay Ice Cream

This ice cream shop attracts people not only by its incredible desserts, but what they do with that ice cream! The colorful theme of the shop and the sometimes shockingly unique names of the menu items add even more fun to the whole experience. Nine out of ten times, you’ll see a long line in front of the stores.

7. Blue Marble Ice Cream

Voted Best Strawberry ice cream in NYC (I AGREE), Blue Marble Ice Cream is a Brooklyn-based ice cream business whose products can be found in numerous retail locations throughout NYC. I got to taste their ice cream from a small ice cream cart when I was on Governor’s Island – the ice cream is super fresh and isn’t too sweet, which I loved.

8. The Good Batch

This place is technically a bakery, also based in Brooklyn. But since the hype about ice cream sandwiches never seems to die down, I wanted to include these awesome sammies that I got to try at Smorgasburg! I tried the Goodwich, with oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream. At another visit, my sister and I also tried the strawberry, which was made with almond cookies (a good gluten-free option!).

9. DF Mavens

Ice cream doesn’t always have to have dairy in it to make it awesome! DF Mavens offers the best dairy-free ice cream; they have a store on St. Marks place, and they sell their pints at some retails locations as well. Show in the picture are the key lime creme and mango flavors. Their ice cream is the perfect way to fulfill that dessert craving without the guilt.

These were some of the amazing ice cream places that I got to try this summer. Do you have any other recommendations before the summer is over?


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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