Cafe Hanamizuki

With firetrucks and ambulances constantly wailing their sirens and cars honking away each minute, it can be pretty hard to find peace and quiet in the Midtown area – especially because the streets are often sprinkled with delis or chains like Starbucks or Pret. BUT, yesterday I stumbled upon this Japanese themed cafe with my roommate for a light and cute dinner; and I loved this place!



The minute I stepped inside I knew I would like this place. I would decorate my room like this if I could. The fairytale-like lighting combined with the white interior created a clean yet cozy atmosphere.


They had a nice combo option where you can choose two rice balls, two sides, and a soup. It was light enough to be a snack yet filling enough to be a small meal for us two girls.


20150615_171440 copy 20150615_172320


And of course! We had to try the dessert – the roll cakes drew our attention as soon as we stepped in front of the counter, so we got a matcha roll cake, which the staff were kind enough to hold until we were done with our savory meal. We ended up also getting a green tea cookie; I thought it would have the texture of a sugar cookie, but it was very hard and crispy like a butter cookie. All in all, it was delicious!

Loved the atmosphere inside (loved the bathroom as well), loved the cute and yummy food, would come here again for a nice chat with my friends! πŸ™‚


Cafe Hanamizuki


143 W 29th St

New York, NY 10001

b/t 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas
Chelsea, Midtown West


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