Prodigy Coffee

Spring break is drawing to an end… but I guess I’m not THAT bummed out since my dad will be visiting this coming week! Anyway, I invited two of my good friends to a coffee adventure in the west village. I’m always down for a good few hours of chatting over coffee, and Prodigy Coffee was the perfect spot for it.

The café itself is fairly small, but has a warm, clean atmosphere. I especially liked the chandeliers. It was pretty crowded inside, but the staff was nice about taking all the orders. The three of us were lucky to find a good table and settle down!

This was my skim milk cappuccino. A cappuccino is my go-to drink for a caffeine boost because I find that black coffee can sometimes be too powerful of a diuretic to manage during and between classes. I LOVED the cappuccino at Prodigy! The coffee was fragrant and soft, and didn’t leave a dry taste in my mouth.

My friends got the café mocha and an iced latte. The mocha tasted more chocolate than coffee…almost like a cup of hot chocolate with the faintest smell of coffee. The latte on the other hand, was pretty refreshing; it had been a long time since I’d tasted a plain latte with no sugar or syrup… I guess I had been too accustomed to the vanilla lattes at Starbucks! I liked that the latte didn’t leave a sticky aftertaste.

Every time I stay inside a café for a cup of coffee, I feel so motivated to learn latte art. Currently it’s on my to-do list for the summer. What are on y’all’s summer bucket lists? (or…is it too early for that?!)

Prodigy Coffee


33 Carmine St

New York, NY 10014

b/t Avenue Of The Americas & Bedford St in West Village

(212) 414-4142

1 and 2 trains at Houston 


3 thoughts on “Prodigy Coffee

  1. Build a green house, stain a deck, paint some walls, sew about a dozen things…and that’s just for starters. I love the coffee. Or I could just spend the summers sipping lattes and soaking up the sun!❀


    • Wow those all sound awesome, and of course, I’m sure they can be done while enjoying sunshine and lattes! 🙂 I remember hand-sewing a cushion years ago… I kind of want to learn how to use a sewing machine!

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      • I’ve been sewing all my life, but never very good at it. I “get by”! I am taking an online course to be better. But in my spare time…I know it will take me all year to finish the course! Today I’m going to be outside getting some sun while tending to the garden. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty. Hope your day is a beautiful one! Best, Koko❀

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