Westville (Chelsea)

westville chelsea nyc

It is nice and sunny today in NYC, which means another day of exploring and good food. This morning, I took a friend to Westville for lunch at their Chelsea location. After falling in love with their deco, service, and menu, I’m already excited to visit their other locations!

We walked over from Union Square, enjoying the nice spring breeze for the first time without freezing our faces off. I knew I loved the restaurant as soon as I stepped inside – I’m a sucker for white Christmas lights, and the colors and furniture went very well with the lights to create that modern, rustic vibe.

westville chelsea nyc

I seriously think I could visit here every single day to try everything on their menu. Each item consists of fresh and mostly healthy ingredients, and I really liked that they also had daily specials unique to each location. I was torn between an artichoke burger and the Southern Scramble, but since I had skipped breakfast today (perks of spring break – sleeping in), I decided to go with the eggs. My friend Emily chose the Hamburger.

westville chelsea nyc

This was my scrambled eggs, and I chose a salad and baguette as my choice of side. The eggs were perfectly soft and savory with black beans and veggies inside, and the dressing on the salad was just right.

westville chelsea nyc

And now the hamburger! We reveled at the juicy meat in between the English muffin buns, and once again at the portion size of the fries. And the fries were so irresistibly delicious that I ended up stealing a bunch from my friend. The only catch with this dish is that the meat is so huge and juicy to the point where the buns get a little soggy; my friend had to use a fork and knife to finish her burger. But that happens with any big-size burger, right?

Overall, I think Westville is an excellent go-to place if you want to grab food and chat with a friend! However, the place is pretty buzzing during lunchtime and I don’t think most of their locations take reservations, so you might have to go early or wait for a little while… I’ve heard their roasted vegetables were very good, so I’ll make sure to try them next time.



246 W 18th St New York, NY 10011

b/t 7th Ave & 8th Ave in Chelsea

See their website for more locations and menus


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