Restaurant Week: David Burke Kitchen

Today, I walked through a true blizzard all the way down to Grand street, where I got to enjoy a cozy, beautiful three-course lunch at David Burke Kitchen.

I really loved the atmosphere. The interior had a rustic, country barn vibe with an urban twist fit for its SoHo neighborhood. Even with one of my friends arriving a bit late, the staff was very nice throughout our whole dining experience. They also gave us complementary grapes and pickled carrots while we were deciding on what to order.

Now, let’s start with the appetizers!

Skuna Bay Salmon Tartar ($17)

Roasted carrot harrisa, pomegranate lime yogurt, cucumber, radish, parsley, salad

My friend actually asked them to take out the cucumber, which they were kind enough to do.

Lobster Dumpling Soup ($18)

Roasted celery root, melted celery, carrots & leeks

This seemed to be one of the most well-received dishes on the Restaurant Week menu. The dumplings were soft and savory, while the broth had a lobster flavor. The soup was creamy – not too thick, and not too salty either.

-Main Dishes-

Short Rib Bolognese ($21)

papperdelle, roasted carrot, crème fraiche, parmesan

This tasted like comfort food. I was impressed by how good the roasted carrots were!

Hangar Steak Frites ($28)

Pennsylvania Amish raised beef, roasted red pepper chimichurri, bok choy, salt&pepper fries

We had the steak cooked medium-rare, and the seasoning was pretty on point. There was a $9 supplement for this dish – and sure enough, the portion size was pretty big.

Skuna Bay Salmon ($26)

Brussels sprouts, pomegranate, roasted romanesco, cauliflower

This was what I ordered. It had flavorful vegetables – and on top was my all-time favorite salmon! The salmon was cooked medium, which I think was a good choice. The texture was just right, and I thought the pomegranate was a nice, sweet touch to the whole mix.


Toasted Coconut Tarte ($12)

lime custard and roasted pineapple

Mmmm, this was good. All the tropical flavors throwing a party in my mouth.

Cheesecake Lollipop Tree for Two ($18)

This was probably the highlight of the whole meal! All of us thought that this was a clever idea – because sometimes, using a fork to eat a slice of cheesecake can be a little boring! There were several different kinds of cheesecake lollipops, and they came with a jar of bubble-gum flavored whipped cream on the side.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience here. I love how all the dishes were presented so beautifully!

David Burke Kitchen


23 Grand St

New York, NY 10013

b/t Thompson St & Avenue Of The Americas in South Village

(212) 201-9119

1,2 train Canal Street


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