Favorites: MAC Cremeblend Blush

I love shopping for new cosmetics, and that means I’m switching from product to product all the time. Nevertheless, there are some that I just love so much that I keep coming back for more. The MAC blush is one of them.

My skin is usually good to me, except when I’m under a lot of stress, then my chin and my T-zone start to break out. Yet, my skin is definitely on the dry side, so I can’t get away with using just powder blush since it flakes off all the time.

I unintentionally stumbled into a MAC store on Broadway when I was visiting NYC for the second time with my mom before freshman year. One of the staff there introduced me to a bunch of products, and the blush was one of them. I felt extra special as she sat me down in front of a mirror and applied two different shades of their cremeblend blushes; the funny thing is that I actually had AN ALLERGIC REACTION to one of them. It was a very peachy pink shade – and as soon as it got on my face, my skin started developing rashes all across and down my cheekbone! Luckily, they died down soon after I had some soothing toner sprayed on my face. Well, I wasn’t buying this one anytime soon.

But I absolutely LOVED the other one – the Ladyblush. I also had to get a stippling brush, which works with both wet and dry products. Technically, I could have gotten my brushes at e.l.f., but I decided to go ahead and invest in a MAC brush.

I feel like the consistency of the blush is the perfect medium between a powder blush and a creme blush. It’s pigmented enough to noticeably change the contour of your face, yet naturally blends into my dry skin. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my blush, and I love how this shade goes with my skin tone!

The blush is around $22, and the stippling brush was also around $20. For me, the color lasts for about ten hours – so basically from when I leave for class in the morning to when I come back to my dorm. Whereas with most powder blushes, the color fades away in less than a few hours, the cremeblend blush stays on for quite a long time.

When I apply this blush, I actually don’t put it right on the apples of my cheeks – I actually draw a skinny triangle between my cheekbones and the hollows of my cheeks, so it gives you that natural shadow without making you look like you have a fever.

All in all, I strongly recommend MAC’s cremeblend LADYBLUSH. What are y’all’s favorite brands/products for the perfect blush?


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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