Maoz Vegetarian – Healthy, Affordable, and Delicious!

falafel sandwich

I’ve been crazy busy this week for some reason! Nonetheless, I had the time to meet up with a friend I met during my semester abroad to have a quick lunch around campus. She suggested we go to Maoz Vegetarian, but neither of us had gone before. I’ve actually always wanted to pay this place a visit; well, looking at all the delicious healthy food at these prices, I think I’ll be coming here much more often!

Maoz Vegetarian is a worldwide chain and has several locations just within New York. We went to the one on 8th st, which is the closest one to NYU. There was a line when we stepped inside, but it moved pretty quickly. I ordered a half falafel sandwich with hummus (for an extra dollar). After you pay, you just basically get to stuff your meal with goods from their amazing salad bar!

For just around 6 dollars, I got to fill my sandwich and a little side bowl with chickpeas, carrots, beets, broccoli & cauliflower, and a variety of sauces. My friend also got sweet potato fries, which were cooked fresh on the spot.

I had not eaten veggies that taste this good in a long time! And the hummus was wonderfully creamy. Oh, and I also liked the fact that they give you the option of whole wheat pita bread, and their falafels are gluten-free!

The place itself is small with limited seating, but you can always order to-go.  I would definitely come here again for some delicious healthy food! They have an app you can download to join a loyalty program as well…just downloaded it 🙂

Maoz Vegetarian

$ for more info.


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