Midnight Slurp at Ramen Sanshiro

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I usually try to keep the no-eating-after-10pm-rule, but my dad came over to NYC for a business trip, and both of us were pretty jetlagged. A perfect excuse to jump into some midnight snacking! If you’re in midtown and you’re awake hungry in the middle of the night, this place is open.

It was actually quite a challenge for me to find a restaurant that was open at 11:30; I could have easily found places around the NYU campus (having eaten pizza at 2 a.m), but being in midtown, I was lost as to what kind of restaurants were even around the area. Thanks to some last-minute internet searching and Yelp, we found a place relatively nearby.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have found it had we not had the map on my phone. There are no clear signs that say Ramen Sanshiro – just look for a Japanese “ramen” lamp and a building that says SEO (what a coincidence! That just happens to be my last name).

Once inside, there was a long bar table near the entrance and a little area farther inside with regular tables. They had a nice view of a little garden through these big windows covering a whole wall, and I think the snow made it look especially cozy!

We started off with some edamame and dumplings…and with a glass of sake, of course.

The edamame was steamed and lightly salted. I love the subtle savory flavor of edamame beans, and this was actually the first time I had ever eaten these out of the pods!

I didn’t expect the house dumplings on the menu to be crab dumplings! Although the price was a bit steep for THREE dumplings, I think they were pretty high quality. Plus, it was good to taste some crab meat. The dumpling skin tasted more like rice then the usual flour-y taste that most dumplings have.

Mmmm, that crab meat.

The salt ramen that my dad ordered (and ended up sharing with me, haha) was also pretty good. What surprised me was the thickness, or rather, thinness, of the ramen noodles – while the aroma and flavor of the broth was nice, the noodles were a bit dry and didn’t feel as satisfying in quantity. On the upside, it felt very light and comfortable to the stomach.

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Although I’m more of a breakfast & lunch fan, I have to say walking into a nocturnal restaurant was a pretty fun experience!

Ramen Sanshiro


249 East 49th Street, New York, NY 10017

(212) 355-7722

Open 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.


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