Dessert Spree in Garosugil!

Yes, I went to Garosugil again, this time with my sister. What started out as a fun tour of Garosugil turned out to be a major dessert adventure! From ice cream to healthy fruits, this was a day well spent. If you’re ever around the area, these three dessert places are a must.

We wanted to grab some savory food first, so we grabbed a quick bite at a random Italian restaurant – oven-baked rice and pasta!

But this is not the important part …

1. Boto Açai

I had never tried an açai bowl in my whole life, but I’ve always known that I would like it, judging from just the ingredients that go into this beautiful creation. This place was one of the hottest places in the area, so excitement was at its highest level when we entered the store. It has a nice, chill vibe with color fruits displayed at the counter; seating was limited but there were still plenty of seats available for everyone, since it doesn’t take a long time to finish one of these bowls.

It costs around $7 for a medium Açai bowl, which I think is enough for two people to share (two girls, at least). The bowl was so dang pretty! My sister and I probably spent a good five minutes taking pictures before we actually dug in.

Isn’t it beautiful? All kind of fruits just blend in perfectly into the Açai smoothie below – and the granola gives the whole thing an extra crunchy texture. I would definitely be willing to try making this at home – if only I had the skills…

2. Remicone

This ice cream shop is pretty much a hole in the wall, but it’s also a popular spot listed on the Garosugil bucket list of many tourists and native Koreans alike; the store has a metallic themed design, I felt like I was walking into a little science lab in a truck.

Remicone is famous for its Thunder Bomb: so that’s what we got.

Behold! a bed of super soft and milky ice cream layered with popping candy, with a giant thunderstorm of cotton candy on top. Take a scoop of ice cream and popping candy, gently perch a piece of cotton candy on top, and they all combine to throw a party in your mouth. Remicone also has other very creative menu items with bizarre colors and ingredients… I want to try them all on my next visit!

3. Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

This dessert business that started in Busan is now a national chain that rules the shaved ice game in Korea. My sister and I were both desperate to try the 인절미 눈꽃빙수 (Injeolme Noonkot Bingsoo), a shaved ice that has soft flakes of milk instead of water, with sweet soy powder, mochi, and nuts on top. The trick is not to mix it all up with your spoon; even if the ingredients are separate when you scoop them up, it just makes the experience that more delicious when they melt all over your tongue like magic.

That was quite a dessert party! But I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again. 🙂


Metro line 3, Sinsa station exit 8

You can find Sulbing on the main street of Garosugil; to find the other two, you have to make a right while you’re on the main street into one of the smaller alleys.


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