Gangnam: Espresso ★ Public

I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with an old high school friend a few days ago, and she introduced me to a really nice cafe in Gangnam! I think it has already become one of my favorite cafes – we sat here and literally talked for HOURS.

I had a good feeling about this cafe just by looking at the exterior, but I really fell in love with it when I entered inside. A part of the first floor of this cafe has heated floors, we took off our shoes and snuggled in the blankets and cushions laid across the room. The interior was really nice and cozy, with a slight vintage feeling to it. We walked upstairs to order some coffee and dessert.

If you ever come here, you should definitely get their waffles. They were soft but perfectly crispy on the outside. Dip a piece of waffle in the coffee-flavored whipped cream and put a chunk of either chocolate or green tea ice cream, and there you have a piece of heaven. They also offer different flavors for the ice cream – you can pick two out of several.

I tend to care a lot about a restaurant’s bathroom – I feel like that represents how much effort they put into making their place look stylish and presentable. Espresso Public has a nice bathroom that has an overpowering coffee smell, which I would pick over a typical bathroom smell any day.

Anyway, I basically felt like Garfield refusing to get off the couch – my friend and I both felt so full but we just could not get off the nice, warm floor. I think this cafe has a pretty nice vibe suitable for both friends and couples.

Espresso ★ Public

618-16 Yeoksam-1dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-907

Tel: +82 2 556 9317

Directions: Line 2 Gangnam Station Exit 11, Keep going until you reach the CGV movie theater, take a right up the hill!


4 thoughts on “Gangnam: Espresso ★ Public

  1. Hi Mary, we are featuring the best of food & drink posts around the world and would like your permission to feature this post and your post on Maman Gateau in our site. Will add in your blog post link and credit your blog as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

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