Korea Haul!

I’m always crazy for shopping, and I’ve gotten some pretty cool products that I probably could not get in New York. I actually have no idea how I’m going to pack all of this when I leave…but I’ll deal with that later! Let’s get right into it.


I bought so much stuff that I had a bit of trouble trying to categorize all the different items… but in the end I just decided to sort them into products used for different body parts, and then some miscellaneous products towards the end, if that makes sense 😀


korea cosmetics haul

1. Cuticle Oil

First of all, I got all four of these at Daiso, which is kind of like a dollar store except it has cool and useful stuff. The first one is cuticle oil; you can paint it on your cuticle, wait for a few minutes and rub it out to get smooth and clean fingernails.

2. Nail Nutrition polish

This polish is supposed to give your nails some nutrients and prevent it from flaking off (which happens to me a lot). I thought it was going to dry clear, but it has a very slight pink tint when it’s dry. I actually think this makes it better, because you can still give your nails some color while keeping them natural.

3. Base coat

Simple base coat, no further explanation needed. All four of these polishes were approximately a dollar, but they are all pretty good quality products.

4. Quick-dry top coat

The last of the four Daiso nail polishes is the quick-dry top coat. The directions say to apply a thin coat when your nail color is slightly dry, then apply it again to use it as a normal top coat. On my first try, I made the mistake of painting thick coats, and the polish didn’t dry as quickly – but if you paint it in really thin coats, the quick-dry really works.

korea cosmetics haul

5. Nature Republic – Cashmere Pink (wearing it now!)

6. Innisfree – Deep Espresso (More of a pedicure color for me)

Hair Care

korea cosmetics haul

7. Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector

My hair has been permed for quite a while, but ever since I got my hair dyed for the first time, I’ve realized how important it is to care for your hair. I usually never blow-dry my hair, and all I’ve done is apply some leave-in conditioner after I come out of the shower. But the woman at the salon made me commit to using heat to make my perm easier to handle and style – which means I’ll need a heat protectant. I actually haven’t used this one yet, but I thought the tube was super cute and the sample at the store smelled good.

8. Lucido-L Hair Essence

This is the one that I’m actually using right now. The bottle says the essence is a ‘styling milk’, and it’s definitely clean with no oily residue at all. My hair tends to look greasy if I apply essence, so this takes care of the problem.

9. Silk Therapy Essence

I’ve used Silk Therapy before, and I just love the smell! This does give me the problem of making my hair look oily, so I only use this when I hair is wet or damp. But it’s highly effective – special thanks to my Aunt who gifted this to me!

Face Makeup

korea cosmetics haul

10. Nature Republic – Stick Highlighter

Why have I not used a highlighter before. I guess I just thought that it was too time-consuming, especially since I’m not into the whole contouring thing. But this highlighter (in the gold shade) is really close to my skin tone yet has a very subtle glimmer to it, and I’ve gotten so many complements on my makeup after just a week of using this highlighter. It’s so easy to use, too – just pop open the lid like a lipstick and dab it on the areas you want highlighted.

11. Nature Republic – Botanical Green Tea Pore Primer

Primer is another thing that I’ve never gotten around to using before. But this primer from Nature Republic is kind to the skin yet tightens and covers your pores, setting a nice, smooth foundation for the rest of your makeup. On lazy days I sometimes skip the primer, but I can really feel and tell the difference when I do.

Eyes & Lip

korea cosmetics haul

12. Tony Moly – Gel Eyeliner in Khaki Black

I’ve always promised myself that I’d get a gel eyeliner, since one of my friends strongly recommended it for its professional and long-lasting look. I’m pretty satisfied with this gel liner from Tony Moly; I like the color Khaki Black, which is a strange mix of black and dark, glittery brown. This color can definitely give you a sexier edge.

13. Etude House – Sugar Tint Balm

I love to rock dark red lips, but I also wanted to buy something that was really natural yet still has a noticeable color. This Sugar Tint Balm is a hybrid of a tint and a lip balm, and it gives you a slight pink color while keeping your lips moisturized. I absolutely fell in love with this product because it lets you skip a step and still have gorgeous, natural looking lips – it also smells so gooood.

14. Tony Moly – Easy Touch Coloring Browcara

I’m currently using Benefit’s Brow gel, but my first experience with brow care was from Etude House’s browcara (which I also strongly recommend!) This browcara seems a bit lighter, but since my hair is colored now, this actually comes in handy!

15. Etude House – Proof 10 Eye Primer

I have single eyelids – aka monolids, so my eye makeup tends to smear a lot and doesn’t show up unless I apply a lot of it. So this eye primer is a necessary product in order to keep my eyeshadow and eyeliner stay in place without smearing. It’s unscented and has a creamy texture that blends in well on my eyelids.

16. Etude House – Dr. Mascara Fixer

This product is probably one of the coolest I have purchased so far here in Korea. You put it on your eyelashes right before you apply your mascara; it’s clear, but it has tiny black particles that attach on your lashes and magically make your lashes look so much longer. It also contains soy protein that keeps your lashes healthy. This mascara fixer keeps your mascara from flaking off or smearing. But make sure you get it off completely when you remove your makeup! This fixer is really strong; the first time I tried this, some of it was still on my eyelashes, so the next day my face makeup got on my lashes and turned them white for a day ;( But as long as you make sure you clean it up well, I would definitely recommend using this product.

Mist & Spray

korea cosmetics haul

I’ve been splurging so much in mist this winter. It keeps my skin super hydrated even in the dry winter, and the liquid particles are smaller than an ordinary spray, so it ensures fine coverage.

17. Etude House – Puff and Brush Cleansing Mist

Well, this one doesn’t really count as mist HAHA. It’s a mist that you can spray on your cosmetic brushes to keep them clean! It’s pretty important to regularly clean your brushes, since these utensils are touching your face everyday! I’ve just been trying to wash them by rubbing it against a cotton pad wet with water, etc., but I think this is a nifty way of cleaning your cosmetic brushes!

18. Nature Republic – Vitamin C Facial Mist

Not only is vitamin C good for fairer skin, it also has anti-aging effects! So many of my friends and relatives have been telling me that you should start using anti-aging products at an earlier age (better to prevent than to cure a problem!), but I’ve never really used products specially targeted for youthful skin. I think this Vitamin C mist from Nature Republic is a good start.

19. Mistian – Phyto-Moisturizer Essence Mist

This was actually gifted by a good friend of mine from college, and it seems to have the finest mist particles among all the products I have purchased in Korea. It has a rose scent; honestly, I’m not a big fan of the rose scent because I find that it smells more like chemicals than the smell that comes from the actual flower, but the smell from this mist was subtle and gentle enough to be relaxing. It comes in a bigger bottle, so I guess I’ll be using this for a while!

20. Missha – The Style: Fitting Wear Makeup Fixer

Last semester, I used the makeup fixer from e.l.f. studios and loved it, but ever since I ran out I hadn’t gotten around to buying a replacement. I had to spritz on my last one, but this mist from Missha comes in smaller particles, so I think it does the job of setting your makeup pretty well. But I’ve been spraying on at least two or three ‘coats’ for important occasions, just to make sure that my makeup doesn’t smear.

21. Nature Republic – Natural Soo 95 Bamboo Mist

This one has been in my purse 24/7 for the past few weeks. It comes in a handy size (the catch is that it’ll run out sooner), so I can spray it on my face when I’m taking a bathroom break during a lunch or dinner out with my friends. You can also use it after cleansing as part of your night routine. As opposed to the rosy smell of the Mistian mist, this one from Nature Republic has a fresh and cool scent.


korea cosmetics haul

22. Etude House – Play Therapy Sleeping Pack

This sleeping pack provides intense hydration for my dry face. As you can see from the picture it’s not opened yet, but I know it works – I’ve used a single sample of this stuff in Shanghai, and just over one night, I could feel the difference. When I woke up, my face was noticeably soft and moist. When your face feels dry, all you have to do is apply it after your night routine right before you got to bed, and wash it off with warm water the morning after. I’m saving this one for NYC’s windy days.

23. Tony Moly – Active-Cell Dual Cleanser

I’m actually quite lazy when it comes to cleansing; I know that it’s really important to remove your makeup and cleanse again with a foam cleanser to get all the gunk out of your skin and keep it clean, but sometimes I just want to splash some water on my face and pretend that I’m done for the day. Hence this cleanser comes in handy for me; this dual cleanser has two pumps in one bottle, so you can use either one OR both. On one side is a marine oil cleanser to remove your makeup and provide nutrition from marine stem cell ingredients. On the other side is a green tea foam cleanser; you can use just the foam cleanser when you have no makeup on, or you can pump both of the cleansers for a one-step cleansing.

24. Nature Republic – Wash-free Vegetable Cleansing Water

This cleansing water is very effective when removing heavy eye makeup, and it feels super refreshing without leaving your face feeling greasy. It contains water derived from 10 vegetables, each packed with a lot of nutrients.

25. The FaceShop – White Jewel Peeling Scrub

This scrub does wonders – you can easily rub off all the dead skin cells off your face, yet it’s so gentle. I just use it once every two or three days after I finish cleansing. I love it because it provides a lot of moisture at the same time.


korea cosmetics haul

26. Daiso – Cosmetic container set

After I got my hair dyed, my mom, my sister and I bought a gigantic bottle of shampoo for colored hair; but because they had to go back to Shanghai, I bought these little plastic containers from Daiso to keep some for myself. Not bad for two bucks.

27. Etude House – Cuticle care pen

I guess this should have gone in the nail care section, but I didn’t even realize that I had bought this until I was organizing the last of my purchased items! Nevertheless, this is a super nifty cuticle oil that comes in a pen form, so you can just twist the end to wet the brush with some oil to dab on your dry cuticle.

28. Daiso – Hot Pack

These come in various forms, but I came to prefer the ones that you can peel off the back and stick on your clothes. My body is pretty much chronically cold in the winter, so these are perfect for those situations where you have to walk around outside for a long time on a cold winter day.

Well, that’s pretty much it! I may or may not buy some more stuff over the next few days…shhh. Crossing my fingers and hoping that all of this stuff can fit in my suitcase!


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