Maman Gateau: A Sweet Dessert Cafe

My journey in Garosugil didn’t end with just a single meal – girls like me like to have their dessert bellies satisfied, so my friends and I were walking in search of some good dessert when we stumbled into Maman Gateau. It’s got awesome vibes and even better dessert.

The dessert cafe has a quiet, modern yet cozy atmosphere, and the temperature was so nice and warm that I wanted to stay in there forever. I think they also have a baking school on the second floor. There are square tables along the walls, round tables in a corner, and comfy couch seats beside the windows (where we sat down). I really enjoyed the sunlight streaming in through the big glass windows.

I found it so cute that they had little plastic figures of their menu items displayed on the shelves – and the little bows on the lights (probably still from the holidays) were a nice touch, too. We ordered and then when back to our cozy seat, just chatting and waiting for our treats.

A model of their caramel cheesecake – it’s not real but still makes me drool!

We ordered a red velvet cake and an Oreo tarte – and both were pretty amazing. The red velvet was very tasty, especially the thick and rich cream cheese frosting. I liked that the cake itself wasn’t too sweet, so it made the frosting come to life. As for the taste, the cookies and cream flavored whipped cream with Oreo pieces embedded inside was phenomenal, and there was a layer of chocolate pudding right on top of the pie crust – mmmm.

My friend also ordered a lemon ginger tea! Tea and dessert in a warm cafe on a cold January afternoon? I think so.

I strongly recommend this place for anyone who’s craving a nice afternoon dessert! Besides their selection of cakes, they also have a dish that seems like a hybrid of caramel ice cream and shaved ice – I will definitely try that out next time.

Maman Gateau


Sinsa Garosu-gil Location
서울시 강남구 신사동 524-27 1F Cafe, 2F Baking School (Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 524-27)

Call:  070-4353-5860

(They also have a Hongdae Location: Open from 12-11PM)

서울시 마포구 서교동 395-113 (Mapo-gu, Seogyo Dong, 395-113)

Call: 02-3141-9664

Directions for Garosugil: From Sinsa Station, Exit 8, go straight, turn left down Garosugil. Go down, turn left down one street parallel to Garosugil (the street Gong Cha is on). Keep going for about 100 metres. You have to turn left down one of the smaller streets and you’ll see it on your left side. It’s on the same street as Shybana (an American diner).


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