La Crêperie Shanghai

la creperie shanghai

The fall weather here in Shanghai has been phenomenal for the past few days, and good weather calls for a foodventure.

Ever since I visited this Brittany restaurant in the heart of Shanghai with my friend Karen, La Crêperie has been one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. Their unique and tasty crêpes will make your day so much better.

la creperie shanghai

I love the nautical theme of the whole place; they even have lighthouse salt & pepper shakers! It was booming inside when my parents and I got there around 11:30 in the morning. They also have tables outside, where you can enjoy the nice weather.

La Crêperie offers authentic crêpes, galettes, cakes, sides, mussels, and oysters as well as Brittany cider. You can spot the cooks in sailor uniforms fixing up the beautiful dishes right near the entrance. Today, the three of us shared a bottle of Heineken (last time I drank the cider, which was very flavorful and citrus).

la creperie shanghai A refreshing start to a good meal!

la creperie shanghai

We started with the Brittany Roll, and chose the spicy chicken (there are beef spinach and caramel pork options too) to give us a spice kick. They were perfectly spicy for my taste, not the kind of spicy that stays in your throat but just hot enough to wake my appetite. Then we went ahead and ordered two galettes. I wanted a sweet crêpe too, but my parents don’t have the sweet tooth that I do. But if you do go, get the L’Ambassadeur crêpe with Ferrero Rocher ice cream (LIKE WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?!), chocolate, grilled hazelnuts, and whipped cream. That one’s my favorite. The rest of their sweets are very delicious as well.

la creperie shanghai

The first galette was L’Ar Men, with French emmental cheese, fresh tomatoes, spinach, and Dijon mustard. I really liked the flavor of the cheese, and it went well with the toppings. Props to the chefs for having the skills to make this awesome pentagon shape!

la creperie shanghai

And the second was called La Piano, with smoked salmon, spinach, egg, cream, and salad. This one was sooo delicious. Besides the fact that salmon is one of my ultimate favorite foods, the egg, spinach, salmon, and crêpe combination was amazing both in taste and creperie shanghai

The price might be a little steep at around 80-90 RMB per galette, but the dishes are quite large and totally shareable. Give this place a try if you’re ever around the French Concession area!

————————additional pictures after a recent visit—————————–

This one was the first fruity crêpe I’ve had here (I’ve always stuck with chocolate). It had a different kind of sweetness, but it was still good!

la creperie shanghai

la creperie shanghai

And the cider! So good.

La Crêperie Shanghai


(They also have locations in several different countries such as Hong Kong, Taipei, and Vietnam)

1Tao Jiang Lu (near Fen Yang Lu)

+86 21 5465 9055

Visit their site at for hours and more information!


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