Strictly Cookies: Best Cookies in Shanghai!

Best Cookies in Shanghai.

If you’re looking for some seriously good cookies in Shanghai, or you’re just a dessert person like me, this is the stuff.

A sudden cookie craving?

A surprise cookie gift specially delivered to a friend?

Too lazy to make your own amazing ice cream sandwich?

Wanna celebrate your birthday with a giant cookie?

Strictly Cookies has it all.


Strictly Cookies


I still remember walking into the Avocado Lady with my mom and spotting a little brown bag that had just two words enough to make me feel enchanted. COOKIES!?!? I had forgotten this amazing American treat amongst all the bewilderment that moving to China had thrown at my face: blocked Facebook, smoggy air, people everywhere…but something about this chewy, sweet goodness of munching on a cookie always makes me feel so comfortable and happy. That’s why I am so thrilled to be interning at the very cookie company that gave me this happiness! Besides the famous Strictly Chocolate Chip cookie, I just wanted to share a couple of flavors, including our flavor of the month!

Strictly Cookies

 S’mores Cookie

was actually the flavor of the month in September. It’s got that marshmallow vibe going on, which rich chocolate chunks inside.

Strictly Cookies

Peanut Butter Bang!

The smell is absolutely amazing and so is the taste. I love everything about NUTS mahahaha, and peanut butter sure is an awesome way to manifest some of that love (I’m thinking of a peanut butter lover like Missnewfoodie…some of her Instagram posts drizzled in peanut butter just kill me!)

Strictly Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin’ the Roof

Wait I just love how clever the name is. Besides the fact that oatmeal is one of my most favorite foods, this hearty and delicious cookie has a slightly crunchier texture in my opinion (still pretty soft and chewy though!), so for those of you who like doing some easy jaw workouts will love this one.

Strictly Cookies

Banana Fever

This cookie will give you that crazy cookie fever; it will drive you bananas and leave you wanting more. I personally really like this one because it’s so soft and perfectly chewy that it’s like you’re eating a cookie and a warm banana bread muffin at the same time. And what? this one has oatmeal too? Let’s not get too healthy here.

Strictly Cookies


It’s October, and you can pretty much just feel the taste of Halloween candy right around the corner. This cookie flavor of the month is filled with chewy Butterfinger pieces and, yes, help yourself and dip it in a bit of condensed milk for enhanced pleasure.

Check out to order cookies or visit our different locations throughout Shanghai. (It’s okay if you’re not in China, you can still surprise a friend in Shanghai with a cookie delivery!)

Because maximum enjoyment of your life must involve cookies, wherever you are. 😉


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