Seafood Till You Drop!


sushi9 sushi6eel

Fall break might be coming to an end, but my feasting will never end. Today, my family went to a Japanese buffet in Pudong. I wish I had known this place sooner…I had so much yummy seafood until my stomach was about to explode! This UNLIMITED Japanese buffet was more than enough to fulfill my unending craving for sushi and sashimi.

I prefer having a big lunch over a big dinner, so that I could have more time to digest everything and kind of walk it off during the rest of the day. Well, I ate so dang much today that I still have a precious food baby even after taking two walks!

The restaurant is tucked away on the second floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai. They offer a weekend buffet (198 RMB per person), so we basically went inside, took a seat, and ordered whatever we wanted. Now, over the years my family has developed a strategy for conquering buffets. Don’t go crazy with the carbs (like rice, noodles, and breads), and start with the yummy dishes that you are least likely to eat at home; I had no problem with that, since I was crazy for some raw fish, heh.

Well, here’s everything that we ate today! No description necessary.

IMG_4571 copy




beef tongue












So much goodness in one sitting. They also offer free dessert of either ice cream or fruit. All the tempura was freshly fried, but the noodles turned out to be a bit salty for my taste. Everything was still totally worth the money, and I would definitely come back if my stomach allowed it! 🙂

Four Seasons Pavilion Japanese Restaurant (四季亭)

1433 Min Sheng Rd (near Ying Chun Rd)

Crowne Plaza 2F


世纪皇冠假日酒店 2F


137-6478-6706 (Japanese call available)


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