Shanghai’s Secret Restaurants: People 6 (穹六人間)

people6-9 People 6-2 people 6-3 people 6-5

This place is hands down one of my most favorite restaurants in Shanghai. I’m excited just by starting to write about it. Located in the French Concession area, its secret entrance is just one of the things that make this restaurant so special. If you’re looking for an affordable AND unforgettable fusion Asian food experience in Shanghai, then this is definitely the place for you.

Ever since I visited this restaurant for the first time last winter, I fell in love with the whole idea of this place. The exterior of the restaurant is surrounded by bamboo trees, and in the entrance stands a very modern statue with a secret scanner that opens the gate. If you scan your hand between the crack in the cube, the metal gate magically opens! I was so mind-blown the first time I witnessed this – I felt like I was a spy. I think it’s also a great way to impress a friend visiting Shanghai!

people6 people6-15


I’ve been here several times, but I took the initiative to post about it since I just visited here today with my family to celebrate Chusok (Korean mid-autumn festival). The restaurant opens around 11:30 every morning; I like to come here for lunch because they have a great lunch set deal: 58 RMB for salad, rice and soup, two main dishes, dessert of the day, plus your choice of tea or coffee! It’s especially great if you go as a group of four, because they offer 8 options for the main dishes, so you can order all of them and enjoy EIGHT dishes all at once. They also ask you if you want your drink with your meal or after (if you choose the latter, they let you drink it downstairs at the bar).

people6-14 people6-13

We decided to have our drinks with the meal, since we were all thirsty from the walk over.


people 6-10

This is the salad that comes with the lunch set. The dressing is perfectly light to my taste.

Here are the eight dishes I got to try today. They were all on point in my opinion; the spicy tofu and the beef steak, which are regulars on the lunch set menu, are especially awesome.


Pan-fried Broccoli with Bacon

people 6-1

Steamed Eggplant with Meat

people 6-8

Hot Fried Tripe


Spicy Tofu in Paper Pot

This one’s my favorite. Not too greasy, and delicious with a bowl of hot rice!

people 6-3

people 6-7

Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple 


People 6-2

Beef Steak on Iron Plate

Another one of my favorites. The meat is juicy and tender, and the bean sprouts have soaked up the delicious juice as well!

people 6-6

Coconut Sauce Flavored Shrimp

people 6-5

Assorted Shells in Red Pepper Sauce

people 6-4

A refreshing fruit plate for dessert! Last time I came here, the dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Since they regularly throw in some changes to their lunch set menu, here’s a sneak peek at what I got to enjoy last time!


People 6 is a must when I’m taking my friends around the city. With nice staff and an ever-changing yet reliably delicious menu, I definitely recommend this restaurant for an awesome dining experience. The last thing I want to say is….GO CHECK OUT THEIR BATHROOM!!!!!!! (it’s a mirror maze)

People 6 (穹六人間)


150 Yueyang Lu,
near Yongjia Lu

Line 1 Hengshan Lu, exit 1

6466 0505

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