Cheating Clean with Balsamic Chicken Granola Nuggets


With an abundance of oat granola at home (which also happens to be one of my most favorite foods), I’m having a lot of fun using it in a lot of my meals. This recipe only calls for three main ingredients: chicken breast, balsamic glaze, and oatmeal granola. With these simple and healthy ingredients, you can make your own oven-free, deep fryer-free version of crunchy ‘chicken nuggets’, without the saturated fat and meat from questionable origins. Talk about fast and healthy food.

Chicken breast is a great lean protein, and the balsamic vinegar glaze is not only low in calories, but also helps to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moreover, oatmeal boosts your metabolism, and the seeds in the granola contain lots of healthy fat. Clean eating at its best!

 The steps are pretty darn simple.

1. Cook little pieces of chicken breast in a pan drizzled with cooking oil (I used grape seed oil).

2. Squeeze some balsamic glaze on the chicken (which should be smelling wonderful already), and sprinkle the crunchy oat granola (old-fashioned oats, crushed almonds, and pumpkin seeds roasted on a heated pan with a drop of honey) on the meat. The granola will stick to the chicken with the added help of the glaze. Toss and mix until the oats are evenly covering the chicken.

3. Place on your desired plate (I chose a bed of salad greens, tomatoes, and blueberries) and enjoy!

20140805_131257 copy

Totally satisfying and a hundred times better than frozen chicken nuggets. The balsamic glaze adds a ton of fragrance to the whole dish, and the crunchiness of the oats and the seeds are just unbelievably fulfilling. I think I’ve figured out how to ‘cheat clean’ with chicken nuggets!


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