Wake up to the Evening with Breakfast for Dinner!

bfd test

Today I made an attempt to fix a really quick dinner for me and my mom. As a result of feasting the day before, I was feeling a little bloaty, so I decided it was a good opportunity to put together some breakfast items for a nice mother-daughter dinner involving lots of healthy ingredients and digestion-friendly foods. This took a lot of first tries, so it might look a little sloppy, but it was delicious nonetheless!


The first thing on the menu is the avocado toast. I have been absolutely in love with avocados ever since I first encountered them (I don’t even remember when), and the creamy, savory avocado on top of a crunchy whole wheat toast is something that I could eat at any time of the day. I added a slice of cheese on my mom’s toast for a healthy fat + calcium boost.

On top of the toast sits the poached egg. Unfortunately, I am not a Masterchef Korea/China/USA, so I used this brilliant microwave version for poaching eggs. All you do is:

1. Crack an egg into a microwave-safe mug

2. Add about half a cup of water with a few drops of vinegar (to keep the whites together) into the mug

3. Microwave for about a minute with a plate covering the top of the mug and drain carefully!

I still need a lot of practice with this (gotta achieve that yolkporn), but I think it is definitely easier than struggling with a boiling pot of water and ending up with a mucus-looking mess! 😀

Next is the granola yogurt parfait. I took a dollop of my homegrown plain yogurt (which you can read about here) and poured in some granola (oats, crushed almonds, pumpkin seeds, pan-roasted with a drop of honey). I just love this granola. My mom makes it at home, and I literally cannot stop eating it (stop making me fat, mom!)

Finally, to add a dinner feeling to it all (although I’m sure plenty of people eat salad for breakfast, it just doesn’t seem like a breakfast food to me), I threw some mixed green salad on the plate and added some prunes (for that extra digestive boost, remember my bloatiness?) – with a splash of balsamic glaze.

IMG_4220 test

Overall, I think this was an on-point breakfast for dinner meal for the two of us. I apologize again for the sloppiness, but I swear it was really good!! The combination of my favorite breakfast menus worked together to form a light, healthy, yet satisfying dinner! What’s your favorite breakfast-for-dinner menu?


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