Healthy Pesto Chicken Salad Bowl!


My mom and I found packets of fresh basil at less than a dollar at this new grocery store that just opened next door. So we decided to make an all-natural, homemade garlic-basil pesto with the fragrant leaves! With the pesto I concocted a clean, chicken salad bowl that is not only healthy, but also satisfying to the tastebuds. 

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Protecting Your Skin Against Pollution


I happen to live in a neighborhood where there is plenty of green and sunshine, but even then, the air quality in general is not so superb here in China. In fact, I keep a widget on my phone that tracks the air quality index in Shanghai, and sometimes the numbers go up to several hundreds; it’s hard to see the skyline of the city on those days.  When the air is this messy, I feel like I must take some measures to protect my skin from it.  Here are three extra steps that I take to protect my skin from being damaged from the pollution.

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Simple and Delicious Homemade Snacks


Screenshot 2014-08-17 20.41.02

As much as I like eating out, sometimes munching on a nice homemade snack and watching a movie can provide more satisfaction than emptying your wallet at a restaurant. I’m gonna introduce to you three super simple recipes for a light and healthy summer snack!

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