Milos Greek Taverna!

 2014-06-11 12.51.11

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because the internet here in China can be a little frustrating (and by that I mean VERY). Well, today it’s pouring outside and I’m stuck inside looking at pizza menus for delivery, so I decided I would write about a restaurant I visited with my friend two weeks ago: Milos Greek Taverna.

One of my favorite places in Shanghai is the French Concession, and there’s this little triangular area near Yueyang Rd., where my best friend and I always go to a crepe place called La Creperie. This time, we decided to try a Greek Restaurant that we had been eyeing for some time, because it’s right across the crepe shop.

As cute as the place is, there was a bride AND a model having photoshoots in front of the restaurant.

We stepped inside and sat down in a little corner table, which I thought was a the perfect spot to chat and have some privacy as well.2014-06-11 12.20.34

We ordered the lunch set with a soup, Greek salad, and a chicken wrap. Plus a strawberry daiquiri and of course, some hummus!

2014-06-11 12.43.542014-06-11 12.43.582014-06-11 12.51.152014-06-11 12.40.46

This Greek Taverna isn’t too pricey, has a great Mediterranean vibe, and the neighborhood is perfect for a good stroll as well; I have to say this hangout was on point 🙂

2014-06-11 12.24.57

Greek Taverna


6431 7751

1 Yueyang Lu,  near Dongping Lu


Line 1 Changshu Lu Station


2 thoughts on “Milos Greek Taverna!

    • Oh definitely! Shanghai is a huge international city and there are plenty of non-Chinese options to choose from, especially in the Puxi area where historically there was some early foreign influence.


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