Cafe Mamas!


This cozy and hip cafe my friends and I visited for brunch on a Saturday was a very pleasant experience. I’m not exactly an expert in Seoul’s geography, but the city’s completely navigable by public transportation, so it was easy to find my way to the nearest subway station. One of the friends I was meeting up with actually goes to school here in Seoul, and she could not stop talking about how good the food at this place was! And she wasn’t lying.

They had fresh juices, so we ordered a white grape juice and a kiwi juice (plus an ice americano). The juice tasted fresh indeed – I always prefer the natural sweetness of the fruit over added, processed sugar in grocery store ‘fruit juices’.


First on our list was the ricotta salad. The portion was big enough for the three of us to share as a nice appetizer/side dish, and it was reallyyy good. On a bed of greens and bread was a heap of thick, rich ricotta cheese with craisins and almonds. We drizzled some vinaigrette for further perfection 🙂 Image

Next is the panini!Image

This one was the tomato mozzarella panini. The goodness of the cheeseporn cannot be expressed in words.Image

I think this one was the honey almond panini? I didn’t know cheese and honey went together so well! Mmmm. I’m definitely recommending this spot for my other friends and to my mom for her  trip to Seoul in the near future.



The location we went to is the Gwang Hua Mun store, but they have several other locations as well, check them out!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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