Summer in Korea! – Part 2



I took a train out of Seoul to Asan to see my other grandma – my dad’s mom. The train ride was pretty short and sweet, and after about forty minutes I got off the train to see Grandma and Aunt Seo waiting for me at the station! It was so great to see them; little did I know I was about to be fattened up like a farm animal from all the food. But despite the slightly uncomfortable bloatiness from eating so much salty Korean food, I had the most unforgettable adventure and this trip was truly a blast.



 The food was just purely amazing. I love how my grandma fixes her dried persimmon – with walnuts embedded inside! The two flavors perfectly complement each other.

20140526_100508 20140526_105617

She has recently shed off some pounds by eating light and healthy – which I’m a total fan of – but because I was a visitor, she decided to have this huge feast waiting for me! It was literally a five-course meal .

In the afternoon, Aunt and I went to this place called Banji-Noriter (Ring playground) where you could make your own ring. They had a bunch of designs for us to choose from…


After picking out our designs, we had to hammer in our initials (or whatever you want to put on your ring) before heating up the silver and bending and stretching it until it formed a ring shape.

Work station!

The process of smoothing out the imperfections with sandpaper and polishing the silver until the ring looked shiny took much longer than we thought, but the end result was well worth it! Now I have a 100% personalized silver ring with my name on it 🙂

20140526_215443The next day Aunt and I spent the day together. She had the whole day planned out!

But before that, say hello to Leo and Ginny!

20140527_07495120140526_224454 20140527_074354

This was our breakfast. Aunt S had made her own yogurt overnight – out of soy milk! I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Next up we stopped by what was apparently the most famous bakery in Cheon An called Toujours. They use all-natural ingredients and everything is made fresh daily! We grabbed some sandwiches to eat for dinner later.

20140527_093221 20140527_093233We drove to a traditional village about fifteen minutes away. It was the most peaceful and healing walk with beautiful old-fashioned houses and items. The little streets made me feel like I was in a movie (in fact, this village was used as the set for numerous Korean TV-shows and several movies).


We grabbed one of these bad boys – fermented rice juice – which was perfect for the hot summer weather. Then we went on a stroll…


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset




Aunt and I went on the tree swings too!


For lunch we headed to this traditional Korean restaurant that uses a lot of ingredients that come from the mulberry tree. Mulberries are a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants; it tastes great as salad dressing, organic food dye for dumplings, and the tree leaves are good for fragrant tea as well!

20140527_121816 20140527_122752

Look at all this variety! It took us nearly two and a half hours to finish all this food!

Next up we went to a pottery workshop – and I made my own mug! It’s a shame that it takes about a month to bake in the kiln…

20140527_161425 20140527_161550

Next on our list was rail biking! It was built on an old train station that was abandoned when a new one was built – I thought this was a really clever idea 🙂


The last on our itinerary was a comedy show! I was super pumped for this because I had always wanted to go to one – and the fact that it was in a small scale made it even better because we got to take pictures with the comedians!


After the show the weather was perfect and the lighting just made both of us feel so enchanted.


The next morning we started off the day with a detox juice that Grandma and Aunt Seo like to drink – which is made with steamed broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and fresh apples and bananas.


For a morning walk I visited my grandma’s garden – I was very impressed by how large the garden was with lettuce, peppers, pumpkin, eggplant, and so many others!


Then we had a nice picnic at the park with rice steamed inside a lotus leaf! I really liked the subtle scent and taste in the rice.


Time to head back to Seoul…



p style=”text-align:center;”>This trip was just the perfect way to unwind for a few days after spending a year in a crazy city. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have my home outside of an urban environment, but sometimes a little green is just what I need to find some inner peace 🙂


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