Here We Go Seoul!



Today was the big day! After my first year of college, I’m finally visiting my friends and family here in South Korea. But guess what happened today! I was in the cab on my way to the airport, and the cab driver gave me a lucky two-dollar bill as a gift! What a great day to start off my summer! 🙂

And I also have my DSLR back at last! I left it at home when I went back to Shanghai last winter, but now that I have it again, hopefully I’ll take lots of high quality pictures soon. Until then, these are some snapshots of my final moments in New York City!


 (Here’s me about to go insane from studying for finals – thank God it’s over!)


 Celebrating with a spinach and mushroom veggie empanada after my last exam!


 I also had to pick up some documents for my fall semester in Shanghai, so I stopped by the Global Services office near Washington Square. Shucks, the weather is starting to get really nice! Kind of bummed out that NYC had a super long winter this year and I didn’t get to enjoy this more.

 This was followed by quite a few hours of INTENSE packing. I was the last one to leave my suite, so I basically had to clean up anything that my suitemates left behind.

 NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE: Me wrestling with my suitcases and secretly praising those nifty little vacuum space bags.



 So empty…it’s been a good year!

 Anyway, after a little wait at JFK, I boarded the plane and followed an all-too-familiar cycle of eating–>watching movies–>sleeping for 14 hours, haha.




p style=”text-align:center;”> And now I’m finally in South Korea! Here’s to making the most of my short two-week stay, aka lots of fun adventures and great food 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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