Kiehl’s Haul!


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With a few days left till I leave NYC for the rest of 2014, I’m trying to resist going on a massive shopping spree. But I decided to pay a visit to a nearby Kiehl’s store for the first time. I had been using their lip balm for quite some time, but it was a free gift, so I hadn’t bothered actually going to a Kiehl’s store 😛

Up until now, I always looked at Kiehl’s as a bit overpriced, overhyped brand. But when I entered the store, it felt as if I had entered this mysterious world of magical products.

All the employees in there were super kind and helpful. I told them that I was struggling with dry skin and razor bumps on my legs, and I ended up getting the Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub. After sniffing away at some of the scents, I got the grapefruit one. They also gave me a BUNCH of samples after carefully asking me about what other troubles I had with my skin. I got samples of their hand cream, shampoo, face wash, face moisturizer, their famous lotion, and an intense moisturizing cream for my feet.





And guess what, I guess the samples worked! The scrub was amazing – I really liked that the smell was strong enough for you to feel pampered but not too overpowering. And their body lotion was even better. Now I understand why people fall in love with these products – the thick, creamy texture absorbed right into my skin, unlike some of the other lotions that just linger on the top of my skin and then dry off later.



p style=”text-align:center;”>So I ended up going back and getting a real bottle of the lotion as well as the Ultra Facial Cream as a gift for my mom! They were just having a family and friends sale when I went back, and because I registered two days before, I was able to get a 20% discount! Score!


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