Beyond Sushi – vegan sushi!


One thing I love about NYC is that there is a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options available when it comes to eating out. I didn’t discover this place until recently my dad came over to visit and we had the most amazing foodventures together!

Located on 14th street, this little hole in the wall ‘sushi’ shop has the coolest vegan sushi and is perfect for an exotic yet healthy lunch/dinner.

I believe the two most popular items on their menu are the Spicy Mang and the Mighty Mushroom.

I just visited here today with a close friend of mine, and ordered a combo that comes with two rolls and two individual pieces. We chose the piece of the month that had corn salsa in it. We thought it might be too spicy, but turns out it wasn’t spicy at all.


It’s so cool how the texture of the spicy mango is so similar to a spicy salmon roll. Plus, it has a slight sweetness to it, which I think makes the roll taste better!

The mushroom roll has a little more savory feel to it, but it tastes just as good. I really like the sauce that they put on the rolls – it goes really well with the overall flavor of the sushi.


I can’t believe these rolls are 100% vegan. If all vegan food was this good, I’d have no problem being vegan 😛 Of course, I have my carnivore moments, but I actually find that not eating meat makes me feel less bloaty. Eating simple dining hall food and eating smaller portions after coming to college, I unintentionally kept a largely vegetarian diet, with the occasional exception of chicken of turkey.  Looking back, not eating red meat was not that hard at all… especially when you have all these nice healthy restaurants to choose from!

Check out their website here!

Beyond Sushi

229 E. 14th Street
(Between 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10003



3 thoughts on “Beyond Sushi – vegan sushi!

  1. These look absolutely amazing. sushi is my all-time favourite meal, and I love to experiment with lots of different vegan fillings and this has really inspired me to try a few more. Mango is certainly not something I’d considered before but something I’ll definitely try! 🙂


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